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  • Title: Cheap International Call Rates | Talkxtra
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Rates.. Features.. Support.. Sign Up.. FREE to signup.. Call NOW.. 1800 992 436.. FREE customer care.. Open 7 Days a Week.. Account No:.. PIN:.. Select a call destination and see how.. much you could save dialling to:.. -- select destination --.. Afghanistan.. Afghanistan-Kabul.. Afghanistan-Mobile.. Afghanistan-Mobile-Areeba.. Afghanistan-Mobile-Etisalat.. Afghanistan-Mobile-Roshan.. Albania.. Albania-Mobile.. Albania-Mobile-AMC.. Albania-Mobile-Vodafone.. Albania-Tirana.. Algeria.. Algeria-Algiers.. Algeria-Mobile.. Algeria-Mobile-Orascom.. Algeria-Mobile-Wataniya.. American Samoa.. Andorra.. Andorra-Mobile.. Angola.. Angola-Mobile.. Angola-Mobile-Unitel.. Anguilla.. Anguilla-Mobile.. Anguilla-Mobile-CW.. Anguilla-Mobile-Digicel.. Antarctic Territories.. Antigua and Barbuda.. Antigua and Barbuda-Mobile.. Antilles.. Antilles-Curacao.. Antilles-Mobile.. Antilles-Mobile-Curacao.. Antilles-Mobile-Ecc.. Antilles-St Maarten.. Argentina.. Argentina-Bahia Blanca.. Argentina-Buenos Aires.. Argentina-Cities-Group 1.. Argentina-Cities-Group 2.. Argentina-Cordoba.. Argentina-Cordoba Outer.. Argentina-La Plata.. Argentina-Mendoza.. Argentina-Mobile.. Argentina-Rosario.. Argentina-Santa Fe.. Argentina-Tucuman.. Armenia.. Armenia Mobile-K-Telecom.. Armenia-Karabakh.. Armenia-Mobile.. Aruba.. Aruba-Mobile.. Aruba-Mobile-Digicell.. Aruba-Mobile-MIO.. Ascension Island.. Australia.. Australia-Cities.. Australia-Mobile.. Australia-Mobile-Optus.. Australia-MobileSat.. Australia-Mobile-Telstra.. Australia-Mobile-Vodafone.. Australia-NGN.. Australia-Sydney.. Austria.. Austria-Mobile.. Austria-Mobile-Hutchinson.. Austria-Mobile-Mobilcom.. Austria-Mobile-Orange.. Austria-Mobile-T Mobile.. Austria-NGN.. Austria-Vienna.. Azerbaijan.. Azerbaijan-Mobile.. Azores.. Bahamas.. Bahamas-Mobile.. Bahrain.. Bahrain-Mobile.. Bahrain-Mobile-Batelco.. Bangladesh.. Bangladesh-Chittagong.. Bangladesh-Dhaka.. Bangladesh-Mobile.. Bangladesh-Mobile-Grameen.. Bangladesh-Sylhet.. Barbados.. Barbados-Mobile.. Barbados-Mobile-CandW.. Barbados-Mobile-Digicel.. Belarus.. Belarus-Minsk.. Belarus-Mobile.. Belarus-Mobile-MTS-ITS.. Belgium.. Belgium-Brussels.. Belgium-Brussels Telenet.. Belgium-Mobile.. Belgium-Mobile-Base.. Belgium-Mobile-Mobistar.. Belgium-Mobile-Proximus.. Belgium-Non Geo.. Belgium-OLO.. Belgium-Telenet.. Belize.. Belize-BTL.. Belize-Mobile.. Belize-Mobile-Speednet.. Benin.. Benin-Mobile.. Benin-Mobile-BBCom.. Benin-Mobile-Libercom.. Benin-Mobile-MTN.. Bermuda.. Bermuda-Mobile.. Bhutan.. Bhutan-Mobile.. Bolivia.. Bolivia-Cochabamba.. Bolivia-Equal Access.. Bolivia-La Paz.. Bolivia-Mobile.. Bolivia-Mobile-Entel.. Bolivia-Santa Cruz.. Bosnia and H.. Bosnia and H-BHT.. Bosnia and H-Mob-BHT.. Bosnia and H-Mob-Eronet/Mostar.. Bosnia and H-Mob-Mobis/Srpske.. Bosnia and H-Mostar.. Bosnia and H-Srpske.. Botswana.. Botswana-Mobile.. Brazil.. Brazil-Belem.. Brazil-Belo Horizonte.. Brazil-Brasilia.. Brazil-Campinas.. Brazil-Curitiba.. Brazil-Florianopolis.. Brazil-Fortaleza.. Brazil-Goiania.. Brazil-Governador Valadares.. Brazil-Govern-Valadares-On-Net.. Brazil-Londrina.. Brazil-Manaus.. Brazil-Maringa.. Brazil-Mobile.. Brazil-Mobile-Telemar.. Brazil-Porto Alegre.. Brazil-Recife.. Brazil-Rio De Janeiro.. Brazil-Salvador.. Brazil-Sao Paolo.. Brazil-Sao Paolo State.. Brazil-Telemar.. Brazil-Vitoria.. Brazil-Vitoria-On-Net.. Brunei.. Brunei-Mobile.. Bulgaria.. Bulgaria-Mobile.. Bulgaria-Mobile-Globul.. Bulgaria-Mobile-Mobiltel.. Bulgaria-OLO.. Bulgaria-Sofia.. Bulgaria-Special Services.. Bulgaria-Wimax.. Burkina Faso.. Burkina Faso-Mobile.. Burkina Faso-Mobile-Telemob.. Burundi.. Burundi-Mobile.. Burundi-Mobile-Onatel.. Burundi-Mobile-Ucom.. Cambodia.. Cambodia-Mobile.. Cambodia-Phnom Penh.. Cameroon.. Cameroon-Mobile-MTN.. Cameroon-Mobile-Orange.. Canada.. Canada-North West Territory.. Canada-Ontario.. Cape Verde Island.. Cape Verde Island-Mobile.. Cayman Islands.. Cayman Islands-Mobile.. Cayman Islands-Mobile-CandW.. Cayman Islands-Mobile-Digicel.. Central African Rep.. Central African Rep-Mobile.. Chad.. Chad-Mobile.. Chad-Mobile-Millicom.. Chile.. Chile-Easter Island.. Chile-Mobile.. Chile-Rural.. Chile-Santiago.. Chile-Southern Chile.. China.. China-CNC.. China-Mobile.. China-Mobile-China Telecom.. China-Mobile-Unicom.. Colombia.. Colombia-Armenia.. Colombia-Barranquilla.. Colombia-Bogota.. Colombia-Bucaramanga.. Colombia-Cali.. Colombia-Cartagena.. Colombia-Cucuta.. Colombia-Lex.. Colombia-Manizales.. Colombia-Medellin.. Colombia-Mobile.. Colombia-Mobile-Comcel.. Colombia-Mobile-Movistar.. Colombia-Mobile-Ola.. Colombia-Palmira.. Colombia-Pereira.. Colombia-Santa-Marta.. Comoros.. Comoros-Mobile.. Congo.. Congo-Mobile.. Cook Islands.. Costa Rica.. Costa Rica-Mobile.. Costa Rica-Mobile-Claro.. Costa Rica-Mobile-Movistar.. Cote D'Ivoire.. Cote D'Ivoire-Mobile.. Cote D'Ivoire-Mobile-Comium.. Cote D'Ivoire-Mobile-Moov.. Cote D'Ivoire-Mobile-MTN.. Cote D'Ivoire-Mobile-Orange.. Croatia.. Croatia-Mobile.. Cuba.. Cuba-Guantanamo Bay.. Cyprus South.. Cyprus South-Mobile.. Cyprus South-Mobile-MTN.. Czech Republic.. Czech Republic-Mobile.. Czech Republic-Prague.. Dem Rep Congo.. Dem Rep Congo-Mobile.. Dem Rep Congo-Mobile-Vodacom.. Denmark.. Denmark-Copenhagen.. Denmark-Mobile.. Denmark-Mobile-Barablu.. Denmark-Mobile-HI3G.. Denmark-Mobile-Sonofon.. Denmark-Mobile-TDC.. Denmark-Mobile-Telia.. Denmark-NGN.. Diego Garcia.. Djibouti.. Djibouti-Mobile.. Dominica.. Dominica-Mobile-CandW.. Dominica-Mobile-Digicel.. Dominican Rep.. Dominican Rep-Mobile.. Dominican Rep-Mobile-Orange.. East Timor.. East Timor-Mobile.. Ecuador.. Ecuador-Andinatel.. Ecuador-Cuenca Etapa.. Ecuador-Cuenca Pacifictel.. Ecuador-Galapagos Pacifictel.. Ecuador-Guayaquil.. Ecuador-Guayaquil Linkotel.. Ecuador-Mobile.. Ecuador-Mobile-Movistar.. Ecuador-Mobile-Porta.. Ecuador-Mobile-Telecsa.. Ecuador-Quito.. Egypt.. Egypt-Cairo.. Egypt-Mobile.. Egypt-Mobile-Etisalat.. El Salvador.. El Salvador-CTE.. El Salvador-Digicel.. El Salvador-Mobile.. El Salvador-Mobile-Digicel.. El Salvador-Mobile-Personal.. El Salvador-Mobile-Telefonica.. El Salvador-Mobile-Telemovil.. El Salvador-Personal.. El Salvador-Telefonica.. El Salvador-Telemovil.. Equatorial Guinea.. Equatorial Guinea-Mobile.. Eritrea.. Eritrea-Mobile.. Estonia.. Estonia-Mobile.. Estonia-Mobile-Elisa.. Estonia-Mobile-EMT.. Estonia-Mobile-Tele2.. Estonia-NGN.. Ethiopia.. Ethiopia-Addis Ababa.. Ethiopia-Mobile.. Ethiopia-Mobile-Addis Ababa.. Faeroe Islands.. Faeroe Islands-Mobile.. Falkland Islands.. Fiji.. Fiji-Mobile.. Finland.. Finland-Corporate Services.. Finland-Mobile.. Finland-NGN 35871.. France.. France-Mobile.. France-Mobile-Bouygues.. France-Mobile-Globalstar.. France-Mobile-Orange.. France-Mobile-SFR.. France-OLO.. France-Personal Number.. French Guiana.. French Guiana-Mobile.. French Guiana-Mobile-Digicel.. French Polynesia.. French Polynesia-Mobile.. Gabon.. Gabon-Mobile.. Gabon-Mobile-Moov.. Gambia.. Gambia-Mobile.. Georgia.. Georgia-Autonomous.. Georgia-Mobile.. Georgia-Mobile-Magti.. Georgia-Tblisi.. Germany.. Germany-Mobile.. Germany-Mobile-E Plus.. Germany-Mobile-O2.. Germany-Mobile-T Mobile.. Germany-Mobile-Vistream.. Germany-Mobile-Vodafone.. Germany-NGN.. Germany-VOIP.. Ghana.. Ghana-Accra.. Ghana-Mobile.. Ghana-Mobile-MTN.. Ghana-Mobile-TIGO.. Ghana-Mobile-Vodafone.. Gibraltar.. Gibraltar-Mobile.. Global Mobile 881.. Global Mobile 881-Ellipso.. Global Mobile 881-Globalstar 8.. Global Mobile 881-Globalstar 9.. Global Mobile 881-Iridium 8816.. Global Personal Number.. Global Personal Number-UPT.. Greece.. Greece-Athens.. Greece-Mobile.. Greece-Mobile-Cosmote.. Greece-Mobile-Vodafone.. Greece-Mobile-Wind Hellas.. Greenland.. Greenland-Mobile.. Grenada.. Grenada-Mobile-CandW.. Grenada-Mobile-Digicel.. Guadeloupe.. Guadeloupe-Mobile.. Guadeloupe-Mobile-Digicel.. Guadeloupe-Mobile-Orange.. Guam.. Guatemala.. Guatemala-Cablenet.. Guatemala-Mobile.. Guatemala-Mobile-Comcel.. Guatemala-Mobile-PCS.. Guatemala-Mobile-Telefonica.. Guatemala-PCS.. Guatemala-TDN.. Guatemala-Telefonica.. Guatemala-Telgua.. Guinea.. Guinea Bissau.. Guinea Bissau-Mobile.. Guinea-Mobile.. Guinea-Mobile-Areeba.. Guinea-Mobile-Intercel.. Guinea-Mobile-Orange.. Guinea-Mobile-Sotelgui.. Guyana.. Guyana-Mobile.. Guyana-Mobile-Digicel.. Haiti.. Haiti-Mobile.. Haiti-Mobile-Comcel.. Haiti-Mobile-Digicel.. Haiti-Mobile-Telecom.. Honduras.. Honduras-Hondutel.. Honduras-Mobile.. Honduras-Mobile-Celtel.. Honduras-Mobile-Digicel.. Honduras-Mobile-Hondutel.. Honduras-Mobile-Megatel.. Hong Kong.. Hong Kong-Conferencing.. Hong Kong-Mobile.. Hungary.. Hungary-Budapest.. Iceland.. Iceland-Mobile.. Iceland-Mobile-Icecell.. Iceland-Mobile-Vodafone.. India.. India-Cities-Group 1.. India-Gujarat.. India-Mobile.. India-Mobile-BSNL.. India-Mobile-Reliance.. India-Mobile-Tata.. India-Mobile-Vodafone.. India-Pune.. India-Punjab.. India-Special-REL800EST.. India-Special-REL800WST.. India-Tamil Nadu.. Indonesia.. Indonesia-Batam.. Indonesia-Cities.. Indonesia-Denpasar.. Indonesia-Jakarta.. Indonesia-Makassar.. Indonesia-Mobile.. Indonesia-Mobile-Excelcom.. Indonesia-Mobile-Indosat.. Indonesia-Mobile-Telkomsel.. Indonesia-Surabaya.. Inmarsat Aero.. Inmarsat B HSD.. Inmarsat B Voice.. Inmarsat BGAN.. Inmarsat BGAN HSD.. Inmarsat HSD.. Inmarsat M Voice.. Inmarsat Mini M.. Intl Networks 882.. Intl Networks 882-Dtag NGN.. Intl Networks 882-Dtag NGN 2.. Intl Networks 882-Ellipso.. Intl Networks 882-Emsat.. Intl Networks 882-GNS.. Intl Networks 882-Jasper.. Intl Networks 882-Jersey.. Intl Networks 882-Maritime.. Intl Networks 882-Oration Tech.. Intl Networks 882-Thuraya.. Intl Networks 883.. Intl Networks 883-Voxbone.. Iran.. Iran-Mobile.. Iran-Tehran.. Iraq.. Iraq-Baghdad.. Iraq-Mobile.. Iraq-Mobile-Asiacell.. Iraq-Mobile-Korek.. Iraq-Mobile-Zain.. Ireland-112 Emergency Services.. Ireland-1193 Eirpac Access.. Ireland-1195 Eirpac Access.. Ireland-1511 Eirpac Access.. Ireland-1512 Premium Rate Service.. Ireland-1513 Premium Rate Service.. Ireland-1514 Premium Rate Service.. Ireland-1515 Premium Rate Service.. Ireland-1516 Premium Rate Service.. Ireland-1517 Premium  ...   Nauru.. Nepal.. Nepal-Kathmandu.. Nepal-Mobile.. Netherlands.. Netherlands-Mobile.. Netherlands-Mobile-KPN.. Netherlands-Mobile-O2.. Netherlands-Mobile-T Mobile.. Netherlands-Mobile-Tele2.. Netherlands-Mobile-Vodafone.. New Caledonia.. New Caledonia-Mobile.. New Zealand.. New Zealand-Auckland.. New Zealand-Mobile.. New Zealand-Mobile-Scott Base.. New Zealand-Mobile-Vodafone.. Nicaragua.. Nicaragua-Mobile.. Nicaragua-Mobile-Movistar.. Niger.. Nigeria.. Nigeria-Lagos.. Nigeria-Mobile.. Nigeria-Mobile-Globacom.. Nigeria-Mobile-MTN.. Nigeria-Mobile-VeeMobile.. Niger-Mobile.. Niger-Mobile-Telecel.. Niue.. Norfolk Islands.. Northern Marianas.. Norway.. Norway-Mobile.. Norway-Mobile-Netcom.. Norway-Mobile-Tele2.. Norway-Mobile-Telenor.. Norway-Oslo.. Norway-Special Services.. Oman.. Oman-Mobile.. Pakistan.. Pakistan-Kashmir.. Pakistan-Mobile.. Pakistan-Mobile-SCO.. Palau.. Palau-Mobile-PMC.. Palestine.. Palestine-Israel.. Palestine-Israel-Mobile.. Palestine-Mobile.. Panama.. Panama-Colon.. Panama-Mobile.. Panama-Mobile-CandW.. Panama-Mobile-Digicel.. Panama-Panama City.. Papua New Guinea.. Papua New Guinea-Mobile.. Paraguay.. Paraguay-Asuncion.. Paraguay-Mobile.. Paraguay-Mobile-Personal.. Paraguay-Mobile-TIGO.. Paraguay-Mobile-Vox.. Peru.. Peru-High.. Peru-Lima.. Peru-Mobile.. Peru-Mobile-America Moviles.. Peru-Mobile-Nextel.. Peru-Mobile-Telefonica.. Peru-Rural.. Philippines.. Philippines-Bayantel.. Philippines-Digitel.. Philippines-ETPI.. Philippines-Globe.. Philippines-Mobile.. Philippines-Mobile-Digitel.. Philippines-Mobile-Globe.. Philippines-Mobile-Smart.. Philippines-Paptelco.. Philippines-Philcom.. Philippines-PLDT.. Poland.. Poland-Gdansk.. Poland-Katowice.. Poland-Mobile.. Poland-Mobile-Era.. Poland-Mobile-Orange.. Poland-Mobile-P4.. Poland-Mobile-Plus.. Poland-OLO.. Poland-Premium.. Poland-Warsaw.. Portugal.. Portugal Madeira.. Portugal-Lisbon.. Portugal-Mobile.. Portugal-Mobile-Optimus.. Portugal-Mobile-TMN.. Portugal-Mobile-Vodafone.. Portugal-OLO.. Portugal-Porto.. Puerto Rico.. Puerto Rico-Centennial.. Puerto Rico-Mobile.. Qatar.. Qatar-Mobile.. Reunion.. Reunion-Mobile.. Romania.. Romania-Bucharest.. Romania-Mobile.. Romania-Mobile-Cosmote.. Romania-Mobile-Orange.. Romania-Mobile-Vodafone.. Romania-OLO.. Russia.. Russia-Fixed 1.. Russia-Fixed 2.. Russia-Fixed 3.. Russia-Fixed 4.. Russia-Mobile.. Russia-Mobile-Abkhazia.. Russia-Mobile-Beeline.. Russia-Mobile-Global Star.. Russia-Mobile-Megafon.. Russia-Mobile-MTS.. Russia-Mobile-Rostelecom.. Russia-Moscow.. Russia-St Petersburg.. Rwanda.. Rwanda-Mobile.. Rwanda-Mobile-MTN.. San Marino.. San Marino-Mobile.. San Marino-Premium.. Sao Tome and Principe.. Sao Tome and Principe-Mobile.. Saudi Arabia.. Saudi Arabia-Mobile.. Saudi Arabia-Mobile-Mobily.. Saudi Arabia-Mobile-Zain.. Senegal.. Senegal-Mobile.. Senegal-Mobile-Orange.. Senegal-Mobile-Sentel.. Serbia.. Serbia Montenegro.. Serbia-Belgrade.. Serbia-Mobile.. Serbia-Mobile-Montenegro.. Serbia-Mobile-Srbija.. Serbia-Mobile-Telenor.. Serbia-Orion.. Seychelles.. Seychelles-Mobile.. Sierra Leone.. Sierra Leone-Freetown.. Sierra Leone-Mobile.. Sierra Leone-Mobile-Comium.. Singapore.. Singapore-Mobile.. Slovak Rep.. Slovak Rep-Mobile.. Slovak Rep-Mobile-Orange.. Slovak Rep-Mobile-TelefonicaO2.. Slovak Rep-Mobile-Tsystems.. Slovak Rep-Orange.. Slovenia.. Slovenia-Mobile.. Slovenia-Mobile-Kosovo Ipkonet.. Slovenia-Mobile-Simobil/Mobtel.. Slovenia-OLO A.. Slovenia-OLO B.. Solomon Islands.. Somalia.. Somalia-Nationlink.. South Africa.. South Africa-Cape Town.. South Africa-Johannesburg.. South Africa-Mobile.. South Africa-Mobile-MTN.. South Africa-NGN.. Spain.. Spain-Canary Islands.. Spain-Mobile.. Spain-Mobile-Movistar.. Spain-Mobile-Orange.. Spain-Mobile-Vodafone.. Spain-Mobile-Yoigo.. Spain-Non Geo.. Sri Lanka.. Sri Lanka-Mobile.. Sri Lanka-Mobile-Dialog.. Sri Lanka-Mobile-Mobitel.. Sri Lanka-Mobile-TIGO.. Sri Lanka-SLT.. Sri Lanka-WLL.. St Helena.. St Kitts and Nevis.. St Kitts and Nevis-Mob.. St Kitts and Nevis-Mob-CandW.. St Kitts and Nevis-Mob-Digicel.. St Kitts and Nevis-Mob-Roaming.. St Lucia.. St Lucia-Mobile.. St Lucia-Mobile-CandW.. St Lucia-Mobile-Digicel.. St Maarten.. St Maarten-Mobile.. St Pierre and Miquelon.. St Pierre and Miquelon-Mobile.. St Vincents.. St Vincents-Mobile.. St Vincents-Mobile-Digicel.. Sudan.. Sudan-Canar.. Sudan-Mobile.. Sudan-Mobile-MTN.. Sudan-Mobile-Sudatel.. Sudan-Mobile-Zain.. Suriname.. Suriname-Mobile.. Suriname-Mobile-Digicel.. Swaziland.. Swaziland-Mobile.. Sweden.. Sweden-Mobile.. Sweden-Mobile-Comviq.. Sweden-Mobile-Hi3G.. Sweden-Mobile-Telenor.. Sweden-Mobile-Telia.. Sweden-Paging.. Switzerland.. Switzerland-Ivpn.. Switzerland-Mobile.. Switzerland-Mobile-In-Phone.. Switzerland-Mobile-Orange.. Switzerland-Mobile-Paging.. Switzerland-Mobile-Sunrise.. Switzerland-Mobile-Swisscom.. Switzerland-OLO.. Syria.. Syria-Mobile.. Taiwan.. Taiwan-Mobile.. Taiwan-Taipei.. Tajikstan.. Tajikstan-Mobile.. Tanzania.. Tanzania-Dar Es Salaam.. Tanzania-Mobile.. Tanzania-Mobile-Vodacom.. Tanzania-Mobile-Zantel.. Thailand.. Thailand-Mobile.. Togo.. Togo-Mobile.. Togo-Mobile-Telecel.. Tokelau.. Tonga.. Tonga-Mobile.. Trinidad and Tobago.. Trinidad and Tobago-Mob-Digicel.. Trinidad and Tobago-Mobile.. Tunisia.. Tunisia-Mobile.. Tunisia-Mobile-Tunisiana.. Tunisia-Tunis.. Turkey.. Turkey-Cities.. Turkey-Istanbul.. Turkey-Mobile.. Turkey-Mobile-Turkcell.. Turkey-Mobile-Vodafone.. Turkey-Nth Cyprus.. Turkey-Nth Cyprus-Mob-Turkcell.. Turkey-Nth Cyprus-Mob-Vodafone.. Turkey-Special Services.. Turkmenistan.. Turkmenistan-Mobile.. Turks and Caicos.. Turks and Caicos-Mobile.. Turks and Caicos-Mobile-Digicel.. Tuvalu.. Uganda.. Uganda-Mobile.. Uganda-Mobile-MTN.. Uganda-Mobile-Orange.. Uganda-Mobile-UTL.. UK.. UK-Local 0844.. UK-Local 0845.. UK-Mobile.. UK-Mobile-H3G.. UK-Mobile-O2.. UK-Mobile-Orange.. UK-Mobile-T Mobile.. UK-Mobile-Vodafone.. UK-National 0870.. UK-National 0871.. UK-Personal Numbers.. Ukraine.. Ukraine-Cities.. Ukraine-Dnepropetrovsk.. Ukraine-Kiev.. Ukraine-Lviv.. Ukraine-Mobile.. Ukraine-Mobile-Astelit.. Ukraine-Mobile-Kievstar.. Ukraine-Mobile-UMC.. United Arab Emirates.. United Arab Emirates-Mobile.. Uruguay.. Uruguay-Mobile.. Uruguay-Mobile-Ancel.. Uruguay-Montevideo.. USA.. USA-Alaska.. USA-Hawaii.. USA-High.. USA-Ultra High.. Uzbekistan.. Uzbekistan-Mobile.. Uzbekistan-Mobile-Coscom.. Uzbekistan-Mobile-Uzdunrobita.. Uzbekistan-Tashkent.. Vanuatu.. Vanuatu-Mobile.. Venezuela.. Venezuela-Caracas.. Venezuela-Cities.. Venezuela-Mobile.. Venezuela-Mobile-Digitel.. Venezuela-Mobile-Movilnet.. Venezuela-Mobile-Telcel.. Venezuela-Valencia.. Vietnam.. Vietnam-Danang.. Vietnam-Hanoi.. Vietnam-Ho Chi Minh.. Vietnam-Mobile.. Vietnam-Mobile-Viettel.. Vietnam-Mobile-VMS Vinaphone.. Vietnam-Premium-Service.. Vietnam-Viettel.. Virgin Islands GB.. Virgin Islands GB-Mob.. Virgin Islands GB-Mob-Digitel.. Virgin Islands USA.. Wallis and Futuna.. Western Samoa.. Western Samoa-Mobile.. Yemen.. Yemen-Mobile.. Zambia.. Zambia-Mobile.. Zimbabwe.. Zimbabwe-Mobile-Econet.. Zimbabwe-Mobile-NetOne.. Zimbabwe-Mobile-Telecel.. Calls cost:.. -.. Enter a number to check the rate.. Example: 00442070970000.. Get Rate:.. Use our.. Interactive Rates Map!.. talkxtra.. is a great way to save up to.. 95%.. on all your calls to friends and family!.. SAVE NOW.. *.. No Connection Charge.. No Premium Number.. No Credit/Debit Card Charge.. No Expiry Date.. 100% Service Guaranteed.. Free Customer Service.. Free Online Access.. Free Top up Card.. Free Bonus Minutes.. 100% Minutes Guaranteed.. Sign up.. for a talkxtra account now and you can start saving.. Start making huge savings on all your calls in 3 simple steps:.. 1.. It only takes a couple of minutes to signup and its FREE!.. 2.. Top up your account.. It's easy to Topup online or at your local Post Office and Retailer!.. 3.. Start making calls.. Enjoy the best quality calls at the lowest calling rates.. With no hidden charges, fees or bills to worry about.. Easy to manage and budget with talkxtra.. CONTACT US.. Feedback.. FAQs.. Email Us.. Follow us on.. Facebook.. Twitter.. Find us at.. An Post.. TOP UP YOUR ACCOUNT.. Credit running low? No problem, simply login to your account to top up.. TOP UP your account here.. SPECIAL OFFERS.. Get 5% free credit when you top-up with 60 or more every month.. Find out how.. Make calls from almost any internet PC anywhere!.. Find out more.. CUSTOMER CARE.. Service hours (GMT):.. Mon Sun:9am to 6pm.. Privacy Policy.. Terms of Use.. 2012 talkxtra.. ie.. Payment options:..

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  • Title: Best rates for International Calls | Talkxtra
    Descriptive info: Please select your call destination:.. Calls cost:.. offers you market-leading rates to every destination with no confusing tariff choices to make.. The same rates apply.. all day, every day.. with all our access numbers.. There are no hidden charges or credit expiry dates.. You can view your real-time call history online.. Enter a number to check rate.. Rates shown are in cents per minute for 01 access.. Calls from 1800, mobiles and payphones incur a surcharge.. Select the country you want to call from the list below:.. DESTINATION.. CALLS COST:.. COUNTRY CODE.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. 0.. 1583.. 00 0.. 1613.. 1590.. 1303.. 1603.. 0830.. 2576.. 2640.. 2048.. 0488.. 0491.. 1685.. 2350.. 2352.. 0276.. 0169.. 1397.. 0824.. 0728.. 0702.. 0599.. 1642.. 1572.. 1697.. 1087.. Antigua & Barbuda.. 2213.. Antigua & Barbuda-Mobile.. 2159.. 0948.. 0589.. 0960.. 0952.. Antilles-St.. Maarten.. 0668.. 0149.. 0100.. 0767.. 0841.. 1273.. 1232.. 1387.. 0742.. 1703.. 1690.. 1810.. 3228.. 0126.. 0101.. 0631.. 0384.. 0866.. 0373.. 0372.. 1423.. 0265.. 2238.. 0287.. 0280.. 0277.. 4104.. 0109.. 1672.. 2501.. 0720.. 1358.. 0367.. 0551.. 0176.. 0251.. 0248.. 0262.. 0174.. 0198.. 0257.. 0798.. 1591.. Barbados-Mobile-C&W.. 1660.. 1614.. 2064.. 2032.. 2358.. 0155.. 0108.. 0152.. 0404.. 0412.. 0374.. 0352.. 0191.. 0116.. 0130.. 1856.. 1816.. 1915.. 1913.. 1759.. 1756.. 1705.. 0295.. 0232.. 0768.. 1123.. 0569.. 0612.. 0577.. 1256.. 1236.. Bosnia & H.. 0871.. -BHT.. 0822.. -Mob.. 2038.. -Eronet/Mostar.. 2374.. -Mobis/Srpske.. -Mostar.. -Srpske.. 0887.. 0444.. 1811.. 0166.. 0124.. 0104.. 0118.. 0115.. 0167.. 0162.. 0553.. 0170.. 0268.. 0913.. 0766.. 1440.. 0281.. 1876.. 1643.. 1904.. 0464.. 1027.. 0862.. 0899.. 0307.. 0306.. 1048.. 1786.. 2022.. 1478.. 1283.. 2080.. 0474.. 1224.. Cayman Islands-Mobile-C&W.. 1380.. 1229.. 2510.. -Mobile.. 3176.. 2345.. 1133.. 2167.. 0168.. 5084.. 1183.. 1017.. 0102.. 0209.. 0263.. 0157.. 0144.. 0398.. 0139.. 0826.. 0389.. 0626.. 0644.. 0245.. 2767.. 3636.. 3173.. 6799.. 0452.. 0503.. 0476.. 1942.. 1766.. 2489.. 2246.. 2183.. 1043.. 7774.. 4151.. 0676.. 0270.. 0182.. 0341.. 0178.. 2846.. 1312.. 0466.. 0472.. 0446.. 0482.. 0110.. 3034.. 2920.. 0701.. Dominica-Mobile-C&W.. 1710.. 0202.. -Mobile-Orange.. 0672.. 9624.. 0878.. 0851.. 0820.. 0882.. 1595.. 1682.. 0467.. 0475.. 0378.. 0442.. 1054.. 1375.. 1584.. 1351.. 2401.. 1716.. 1384.. 2398.. 1718.. 1678.. 1985.. 1943.. 8953.. 1854.. 1592.. 1844.. 0504.. 1646.. 8324.. 0322.. 0409.. 0888.. 0347.. 3330.. 0172.. 0197.. 0518.. 0354.. 1552.. 2413..  ...   0338.. 0401.. 0925.. 3018.. 3006.. 3450.. 3832.. 2173.. 0649.. 0691.. 0179.. Malaysia-Sabah & Sarawak.. 6115.. 6704.. 1522.. 1520.. 2089.. 2208.. 0137.. 0709.. 1135.. 0738.. 2754.. 0576.. 3570.. 3782.. 1012.. 0424.. 0593.. 0317.. 0337.. 0313.. 1675.. 1460.. 1963.. 1099.. 0548.. 2986.. 0383.. 0455.. 1334.. 1337.. 0136.. 0779.. 2536.. 2802.. 2659.. 2041.. 0985.. 2713.. 1016.. 0896.. 0323.. 0326.. 0349.. 0312.. 1480.. 0493.. 0988.. 1976.. 1908.. 1650.. 0688.. 0572.. 0511.. 0500.. 0509.. 1691.. 1663.. 0026.. 0344.. 0365.. 1116.. 0356.. 2504.. 0840.. 2018.. 0869.. 1830.. 3778.. 1208.. 1434.. 1448.. 0330.. 0311.. 1103.. Panama-Mobile-C&W.. 5519.. 5321.. 0282.. 0290.. 0946.. 0876.. 0606.. 0113.. 0930.. 0860.. 2554.. 0941.. 0947.. 0638.. 0485.. 0966.. 0811.. 0958.. 2298.. 0607.. 0320.. 0288.. 1148.. 1405.. 0421.. 0284.. 1025.. 0175.. 0185.. 0278.. 0426.. 0342.. 1230.. 0780.. 0331.. 2542.. 0127.. 1704.. 7874.. Sao Tome & Principe.. 7624.. Sao Tome & Principe-Mobile.. 0679.. 0835.. 0950.. 2677.. 2821.. 1738.. 3253.. 1045.. 2728.. 2748.. 2825.. 2424.. 2932.. 2154.. 2466.. 3587.. 3596.. 3581.. 3358.. 1037.. 1030.. 1075.. 0684.. 3025.. 0533.. 3534.. 3379.. 3572.. 0208.. 0206.. 0889.. 0937.. 0451.. 0431.. 0534.. 3180.. 0965.. 0929.. 0931.. 0961.. St.. Helena.. 9509.. Kitts & Nevis.. 0970.. Kitts & Nevis-Mob.. 2016.. -C&W.. 2039.. -Digicel.. -Roaming.. 0983.. Lucia.. Lucia-Mobile.. Lucia-Mobile-C&W.. 2065.. Lucia-Mobile-Digicel.. 1769.. 0721.. Maarten-Mobile.. 1081.. Pierre & Miquelon.. 4916.. Pierre & Miquelon-Mobile.. 3156.. Vincents.. 0881.. Vincents-Mobile.. 2125.. Vincents-Mobile-Digicel.. 2027.. 1028.. 1091.. 0845.. 1127.. 0979.. 1510.. 0872.. 1494.. 0250.. 0238.. 0266.. 0242.. 0103.. 0187.. 2794.. 3187.. 5291.. 0781.. 0215.. 0761.. 1195.. 1196.. 1792.. 1940.. 1931.. 2752.. 2753.. Trinidad & Tobago.. 0654.. Trinidad & Tobago-Mob.. 1768.. Trinidad & Tobago-Mobile.. 1784.. 3421.. 2513.. 2810.. 0107.. 1038.. 0977.. 0396.. 1098.. 0233.. 0918.. 0908.. Turks & Caicos.. 0804.. Turks & Caicos-Mobile.. 2005.. Turks & Caicos-Mobile-Digicel.. 1741.. 4878.. 0750.. 0713.. 0706.. 1007.. 0570.. 6689.. 5294.. 0254.. 0235.. 0180.. 3740.. 4565.. 0744.. 1193.. 1242.. 1210.. 1181.. 0414.. 1452.. 0379.. 0884.. 0535.. 0562.. 0526.. 0143.. 4200.. 4406.. 0350.. 0293.. 0296.. 6480.. 0972.. 1598.. -Digitel.. Wallis & Futuna.. 4416.. 4572.. 1144.. 1014.. 1106.. 0745.. 1585.. 2800.. Figures accurate as of 01/12/2011 on calls from Ireland to the chosen destination, rates shown are in cents per minute for 1800 or 01 access from a landline.. Calls from a landline to 1800 numbers incur an additional 1c surcharge.. Calls from a mobile to an 1800 number incur a 60c surcharge.. Calls from a payphone incur a 20c surcharge..

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  • Title: Cheapest International Call Rates | Talkxtra Features
    Descriptive info: How does.. 'top up & talk' work?.. When you sign up for a.. account, you receive an account number and PIN by email.. You also receive a.. card in the post.. Making calls on your landline or mobile:.. Dial the access number.. Enter your A/C No.. & PIN printed on your.. 'top up & talk' card.. Dial your destination number.. We have made this process much easier with our.. Speedy Access.. facility.. Learn more.. Top up your account online with your registered credit or debit card or at the post  ...   Care.. Account Topup.. Voucher Recharge.. Automatic Recharge.. talkxtra Menu.. Smart Phones.. SPECIAL OFFERS.. Handy Tips.. Use the 01 access number if you have an inclusive minutes package or free calls to Local and National numbers from your service provider ideal if you use a mobile*.. You may be able to include the 01 access number for free calls depending on your package.. Calls to 1800 992 433 from your mobile incur a 60c per min surcharge.. For payphone access dial 1800 992 434 a 20c per min surcharge will apply..

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    Descriptive info: English (U.. S.. ).. Ticket Login.. Remember me.. Lost password?.. Knowledgebase.. talkxtra Ireland.. (30).. Live Chat Software.. by.. Kayako.. SEARCH.. News.. Submit a Ticket..

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  • Title: Cheapest International Rates | Talkxtra
    Descriptive info: Interactive Rates Map.. Roll your mouse over the country you want to call from the map below to see today's lowest rates.. Go to.. Drop-down Rates Checker.. Rates shown are in cents per minute for 1800 or 01 access from a landline.. Calls to international mobiles may incur a surcharge.. Calls from mobiles and payphones incur a surcharge..

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  • Title: Cheapest International Call Rates | Talkxtra Feedback
    Descriptive info: Got Questions?.. Why not visit our.. SUPPORT Center.. first.. There's a good chance you will find your answer there.. Customer Feedback.. Here are some of the things our customers are saying about.. talkxtra:.. I am happy to tell all my friends about talkXtra, great value, very convenient, very good quality.. I phone to India.. Gurprit Singh, Cork.. My family live in Sudan and it is very good to keep in contact.. I think talkXtra is the best card for this.. Abdul Suliman, Galway.. It is good to get the minutes I am promised.. Some other cards do not do this.. I had another card recently and was  ...   been such good value.. Keep up the good work.. Tom Dexter, Kilkenny.. I have been using.. for over 4 years, Best card ever.. Very reasonable.. Sandy Varghese, Drimnagh.. I no longer lose money on my phone calls.. I used to be charged for ringing a freephone number with other cards.. Andrew Strogen, Kerry.. Being able to check my calls online is great.. In two years I was never charged a wrong price.. Justine Flores, Sligo.. Live Support.. FREE customer care - ready to help!.. Customer Care hours (GMT):.. Mon - Fri: 9am to 6pm.. Saturday: 9am to 5pm.. Sunday: Closed.. Get in Touch.. Email:.. customercare@talkxtra.. ie.. Customer Care:..

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  • Title: Best rates for International Calls | Talkxtra
    Descriptive info: * Top-up with 60 or more every month using your credit or laser card, online or with our customer care team on 1800 992 436, and you will receive 5% extra FREE on the first day of each month.. *.. sends out every week 1000's of free vouchers, you could win from 1 to 50, So make sure your email details are up to date.. Why not try our new VoIP product.. Webtalk!.. * Make even lower cost calls to any phone or mobile from almost any PC.. is web-based so just login to your online account and start calling!..

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  • Title: Cheapest International Calling Online | Talkxtra
    Descriptive info: Webtalk is a web-based phone that allows you to talk for even less!.. Using VoIP technology, you can now make calls from almost any computer anywhere in the world, using our.. Webphone Service.. Start calling in 3 simple steps:.. Login to your.. account and launch the webtalk phone.. Connect your headset to your computer.. Start calling all over the world!.. The Phonebook in your online account allows you to store up to 20 phone numbers and contact details, for easy access.. See our great rates on the.. page..

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  • Title: Talkxtra Privacy Policy
    Descriptive info: Please read this Privacy Policy carefully, this is a legal document.. Once you register with TALKXTRA or sign up for any of TALKXTRA's services in the European Union you will be deemed to have read and consented to the uses of your Personal Information as set out in this Privacy Policy.. You will also be deemed to have read and accepted this Privacy Policy.. Introduction.. TALKXTRA, and its group companies is strongly committed to respecting and protecting your privacy.. Please carefully read the following Privacy Policy.. In order to ensure your privacy, Personal Information (as defined below) TALKXTRA collects from you as a customer or potential customer or, visitor to its website ("Customer(s)" and/or "you") located at www.. talkxtra.. co.. uk, www.. ie , www.. eu , www.. com ("Sites"), is used only in the manner and for the purposes described in this Privacy Policy.. "Personal Information" includes any information which can identify an individual, presented in any form, such as: age, name, address (incl.. email address), telephone, ID numbers, income, credit references and records, ethnic origin, and evaluations.. This Privacy Policy expresses our approach to complying with the Data Protection laws that apply in the UK & Republic of Ireland, and applies to the collection of your Personal Information via the Site.. You must not register with TALKXTRA or sign up to any TALKXTRA service available via this Site if you do not accept this Privacy Policy and the TALKXTRA Terms of Service.. Your Personal Information and the purposes for which information is used.. As a general principle, TALKXTRA will identify the purposes for which personal information is collected at or before the time the information is collected.. What information will TALKXTRA collect: When registering with TALKXTRA you must provide TALKXTRA with the following personal information:.. (a) your full name;.. (b) your address.. (c) your email address;.. (d) current phone number;.. (e) credit card details;.. TALKXTRA may also collect Personal Information from such third parties as credit bureaus, employers or personal references or other third parties that represent that they have the right to disclose the information.. Purposes: This information and any other information you provide to TALKXTRA via the Site, email or telephone is required in order to provide you with TALKXTRA's services and the relevant equipment required to use TALKXTRA's services.. Also to verify your credit status with third party credit agencies and to inform you of any new offers and services which may be of interest to you.. TALKXTRA collects Personal Information only for the purposes set out in this Privacy Policy, including to provide service(s) and/or products to its Customers:.. (a) to maintain commercial relations and to communicate with its Customers (which will include, but not be limited to: billing, collection, support, advertising, promotion, account and credit card verification);.. (b) to evaluate Customers' financial status and eligibility for credit;.. (c) to identify Customer needs and/or preferences;.. (d) to meet legal and regulatory requirements;.. (e) to administer and manage its business operations; and.. (f) as otherwise required or permitted by law.. Limiting use, disclosure and retention.. Sharing and use of Personal Information: The over-riding principles TALKXTRA apply are these:.. (a) TALKXTRA, and (where relevant) our credit card processing agents or other third parties we share your information with, will not supply your personal data to a third party for commercial exploitation thus, you can rest assured that we will not sell the lists of our Customers' email addresses to a third party; and.. (b) The only circumstances in which we will provide any of your personal data to a third party for non-commercial purposes are those contained in this Privacy Policy.. Credit card information: There has been a lot of publicity about credit card security on the internet so TALKXTRA has decided to operate a secure server, to process credit card payments.. TALKXTRA encrypts Customers' credit or debit card information and authorise payment directly.. TALKXTRA may transfer to, process and hold your credit card information in countries either within or outside the European Economic Area in connection with performing TALKXTRA's duties.. Changes in TALKXTRA's business.. Personal Information may also be disclosed in connection with a sale, transfer or reorganisation of one or more of TALKXTRA's businesses, in which case TALKXTRA will require that any Personal Information will continue to be treated in accordance with this Privacy Policy or as otherwise permitted by law.. Personal Information will not be used or disclosed  ...   to legal or contractual restrictions and reasonable notice.. TALKXTRA will inform you of the implications of such withdrawal.. In order to withdraw consent, you must provide notice to TALKXTRA in writing.. Limiting collection and cookies.. The Site uses a feature of Internet web browsers called a cookie, which is a file that is sent to your browser from the Site's computers and stored on your computer's hard drive.. A cookie assigns a unique identification code to your computer.. On this Site, cookies are used to track and maintain continuity of web sessions such as the subscription process or your viewing of your call details.. They also help us track visitors, conduct research, allow you to back click to earlier registration pages viewed by you and improve our content and services.. TALKXTRA's cookies do not collect Personal Information other than the IP address from which you are accessing the Site which may be considered Personal Information.. TALKXTRA only collects Personal Information if you knowingly and willingly provide such information.. You may set your Internet web browser to notify you when you receive a cookie or to prevent cookies from being sent.. If you prevent a cookie from being sent, you may limit the functionality of the Site, for more information on disabling cookies please visit.. www.. allaboutcookies.. org/manage-cookies.. Accuracy and removing your details.. Personal Information will be updated as necessary for the purposes for which it is to be collected and used.. TALKXTRA will not routinely update Personal Information unless such a process is necessary to fulfill the purposes for which the information was collected.. Personal Information that is used on an ongoing basis, including information that is disclosed to third parties, will generally be accurate and up-to-date to the best of TALKXTRA's knowledge.. Safeguards and security.. TALKXTRA has invested and deployed a wide variety of technology and security features to ensure the privacy of personal and anonymous information collected by it.. In addition, TALKXTRA has implemented strict operations guidelines to safeguard customer privacy at every level of its organisation.. Unfortunately, no system is perfect; therefore, TALKXTRA makes no representations or warranties with regard to the sufficiency of these security measures.. TALKXTRA shall not be responsible for any actual, indirect or consequential damages (or any other damages or liability of any kind whatsoever, whether as a result of negligence or otherwise) that result from a lapse in compliance with this Privacy Policy because of a security breach or technical malfunction.. Nothing in this Privacy Policy shall however limit or exclude TALKXTRA's liability in respect of death or personal injury caused by its negligence or for fraud.. TALKXTRA protects all Personal Information regardless of the format in which it is held.. The methods of protection include:.. (a) physical measures, such as restricted access to offices;.. (b) organisational measures, such as security clearances and limiting access on a "need to know" basis;.. (c) technological measures, such as the use of passwords and encryption.. 8.. Accountability.. TALKXTRA is responsible for Personal Information under its control and has designated an individual or individuals who are accountable for the organisation's compliance with this Privacy Policy.. If you have any questions or concerns in relation to this Privacy Policy TALKXTRA's Privacy Officer may be contacted at:.. Attention: TALKXTRA Limited c/o Privacy Officer: e-mail:.. 9.. Individual access.. Access requests: Upon written request, TALKXTRA will inform you whether or not it holds Personal Information about you, and will provide you with the opportunity to review the Personal Information it holds and request the update or modification of the same or request its deletion in accordance with this Privacy Policy.. TALKXTRA may charge a 15.. 00 fee to cover its costs in providing such data to you.. Disclosure for legal reasons: TALKXTRA reserves the right to communicate such of your Personal Information as it holds to third parties which seek the disclosure of it, and which make a legally compliant request for its disclosure.. TALKXTRA also reserves the right to communicate your Personal Information to the relevant authorities if we believe that you are involved in illegal activities or commit any breach of this Privacy Policy, which would justify such disclosure.. Data protection information: You can obtain further information about data protection laws in the UK or Ireland by visiting the Information Commissioner's website at.. informationcommissioner.. gov.. uk.. or.. oic.. You can search for our publicly available Data Protection Notification there, should you so wish..

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  • Title: Talkxtra Terms of Use
    Descriptive info: Terms of Service.. If you are a consumer (not acting in the course of your business) the following Terms of Service apply:.. Your contract with TALKXTRA.. This Agreement sets out your legal rights as a TALKXTRA customer.. This Agreement relates to using the TALKXTRA services for home use and not for business.. If you are a consumer (not acting in the course of your business), your agreement with TALKXTRA for this service is made up of:.. These TALKXTRA Consumer Terms of Service; together with the TALKXTRA pricing options which are generally available at: www.. com, www.. ie, www.. eu, and are summarised in the order confirmation sent to you.. Essential service information.. By signing up to TALKXTRA's services you confirm that you understand that our services: Essential service information.. By signing up to TALKXTRA's services you confirm that you understand that our services:.. may not offer all of the features you may expect from a conventional phone line;.. may sometimes be unavailable as a result of things over which we have no control, for example, the weather, power disruptions and failures of your internet service;.. provider (ISP) or broadband connection and you understand that in such circumstances all services (including 999/112/911 public emergency call services) will also be unavailable;.. may not provide your phone number and location details to the operator if you make a public emergency services call.. You will have to provide your location information and phone number verbally to the operator; and.. may not offer you the ability to transfer (port) your existing number to a TALKXTRA service or take your number from TALKXTRA to an alternative provider if your service ends.. By signing up you specifically accept these restrictions as a condition of purchase.. Definitions.. 1 These terms of service describe the basis for the purchase by you and sale by us of TALKXTRA's telephone services and any related products or services (the "Service").. 2 In these terms of service, "TALKXTRA", "we" and "us" means TALKXTRA.. Formation of agreement.. 1 A legal agreement for us to sell you the Service is made on the basis of these terms of service when we accept your order for the Service through either our website at www.. eu, via telephone or via a third party.. (This agreement between us is referred to in these terms of service as this "Agreement".. ).. 2 A summary of the products and services, price, VAT, insurance and delivery costs is set out on our website at www.. eu, and will be confirmed on your order page.. The extent of the Service.. 1 This Agreement governs both the Service and any equipment which may be provided to you for free, such as an IP phone or telephone adapter, ("Equipment") used in conjunction with the Service.. 2 This Agreement relates to using the Service for home use and not for business.. Business users are subject to the TALKXTRA Commercial Terms of Service that can be found following or accompanying these terms or at: www.. eu,.. If, during the term of this Agreement, you start using the Service in the course of any business activity our Commercial Terms of Service will immediately apply to all such use.. 3 If you use the Service for home use this does not mean that only certain pricing plans are available to you.. A variety of pricing plans are available as set out at www.. As a consumer, this Agreement will always apply to you.. 4 If you use the Service and/or Equipment in a manner that is inconsistent with a particular pricing plan we reserve the right to apply the pricing plan that corresponds to the level and type of use you make of the Service.. 5 TALKXTRA reserves the right to immediately terminate or modify the Service, if TALKXTRA determines, in its sole discretion, that your Service is being used other than for reasonable home use.. If we exercise this right we will notify you in writing by email but you will be responsible for paying all charges under the applicable pricing plan.. 999/112/911 Emergency Services.. 6 Emergency Services can not be accessed under current service.. Customers will be notified in future once the Services are fully operational, 999/112/911 public emergency call services can be accessed and will be routed to the national emergency call handling agents.. However, you understand and acknowledge that the Service does NOT operate identically to traditional fixed line 999/112/911 public emergency call services and there may be some limitations as set out in the following sentences.. 7 You understand and acknowledge that if there is a Service outage for ANY reason, such outage will prevent ALL Services, including 999/112/911 dialing.. Such outages may occur for a variety of reasons (some such reasons are described at Section 5).. 8 You understand and acknowledge that Service outages due to suspension of your account will prevent ALL Services, including 999/112/911 dialing.. 9 You understand and acknowledge that it may or may not be possible for the emergency personnel to identify your location and phone number when you dial 999/112.. You will need to state your location and phone number, as well as the nature of your emergency, promptly and clearly as emergency personnel may NOT have this information.. 10 You acknowledge and understand that emergency personnel may or may not be able to identify your phone number in order to call you back if the call is unable to be completed, is dropped or disconnected, or if you are unable to speak to tell them your phone number and/or if the Service is not operational for any reason.. The emergency personnel may also not be able to hold your line open in the event you hang-up.. 11 You agree to inform potential users of the Service of the above limitations and you understand that you should always have an alternative means of accessing 999/112/911 emergency services.. Your use of the Service.. (a) you agree to follow any reasonable instructions that TALKXTRA may give you about the use of the Service and you must give us any information we reasonably ask for;.. (b) you agree that at all times you will not use the Service for any activity which is inconsistent with normal consumer usage patterns;.. (c) you will not use the Service for anything illegal, immoral or improper and that you will not use the Service in any way that is prohibited by law or let anyone else do so;.. (d) you must not resell or re-supply the Service or the Equipment to any other person for any purpose, or make any charge for the use of the Service;.. (e) you do not change the electronic serial number or equipment identifier of the Equipment, or to perform a factory reset of the Equipment, without express permission from TALKXTRA (TALKXTRA may, acting reasonably, refuse such permission);.. (f) you do not hack or disrupt the Service or to make any use of the Service that is inconsistent with its intended purpose or to attempt to do so; and.. (g) you agree to notify us immediately (in writing or by calling the TALKXTRA customer support line) if the Equipment is stolen or if you become aware that your Service is being stolen or fraudulently used.. Failure to do so may result in additional charges to you and termination of your Service.. Use outside the UK & Republic of Ireland.. 2 TALKXTRA does not presently offer or support the Service to customers located outside the UK & Republic of Ireland.. 3 As set out above and at Section 5, the Service may have limitations including public emergency call capability.. If you remove the Equipment to use it outside the UK & Republic of Ireland you need to be aware that emergency services may operate or be supported differently to than in the UK & Republic of Ireland.. 4 If you remove the Equipment to a country other than the UK & Republic of Ireland and  ...   if any charge to your credit card on file with TALKXTRA is declined or reversed, your credit card expires and you have not provided TALKXTRA with a valid replacement credit card or in case of any other non-payment of account charges.. 7 Termination of Service for declined or expired credit card, reversed charges or non-payment leaves you FULLY LIABLE to TALKXTRA for ALL CHARGES ACCRUED BEFORE TERMINATION.. 8 We can change the payment terms for any good reason, for instance, if you do not pay your bills on time or if you pay your bills using credit cards that you are not authorised to use.. We may not be able to write and tell you before we do this.. 9 TALKXTRA may sometimes bill at more frequent intervals once credit has dropped below your requested threshold.. Billing Disputes.. 12 You must notify TALKXTRA in writing within 7 days after receiving your credit card statement if you dispute any TALKXTRA charges.. Billing disputes should be notified to.. billing@TALKXTRA.. When we may suspend or disconnect the services.. 1 Elsewhere in this Agreement we specifically explain where and why we may suspend your Service.. We may also suspend your Service without giving you notice if any of the following happen:.. (a) you do not keep to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, or any other agreement with us; and.. (b) you do anything that damages or puts the Service at risk, or you abuse or threaten us or a member of our staff.. 2 You are still liable for all charges during any suspension or disconnection unless we decide otherwise.. 10.. When the Agreement ends.. 1 We can end all or part of this Agreement immediately by notifying you if any of the following happen:.. (a) you breach an important condition of this Agreement or a number of less important conditions;.. (b) you breach a less important condition of this Agreement and do not put it right within seven days of our writing to you and asking you to do so;.. (c) you make, or offer to make, an arrangement with your creditors; you commit an act of bankruptcy; someone brings a petition, receiving order or administration order against you to make you bankrupt, you are a limited company and a resolution to wind you up is passed or a receiver or administrator is appointed over all or part of your assets.. We can also end this Agreement if we think any of these things or something similar may happen;.. (d) any regulatory change affecting our ability to offer the Service is introduced; or.. (e) any part of your declaration in your order for the Service was not true or not accurate when you made it.. 2 If you end this Agreement you must pay everything you owe on your account as set out in Section 7.. 4 and a disconnect fee which is currently 20.. 00.. 3 If we end this Agreement for any of the reasons set out in this Section you must pay everything you owe on your account until the end of the then current monthly term and you will be charged a disconnect fee which is currently 20.. 11.. Money back guarantee.. 1 We offer a 14-day Money Back Guarantee to our consumers.. 2 In order to be entitled to this Money Back Guarantee, you:.. (a) must cancel service within 14 days after placing your order;.. (b) must not have used more than 10 minutes of calls.. User remains responsible for coverage charges and calls with metered rates such as, but not limited to, international, mobile, non-geographic and directory enquiry calls.. 12.. Changing the Agreement.. 1 We may change the terms and conditions of this Agreement and our charges and pricing plans from time to time.. Notices will be given on the "Dashboard" section (front screen) of your web account which you access at TALKXTRA's website (currently located at www.. eu).. 2 Such changes will become binding on you after they are published.. We will endeavour to give as much notice as we can about such changes.. You agree that if you use the Service after the changes take effect you are bound by these TALKXTRA Terms of Service as varied.. 3 You may end the Agreement without cost to you or disconnection fee if the changes are significantly to your disadvantage.. 13.. Our responsibility to you.. 1 We will take all reasonable care to keep your order secure, but in the absence of our sole negligence we cannot be held liable for any loss you may suffer if a third party obtains unauthorised access to any data (including credit and account details) which you provide when accessing or ordering from us.. 2 We have no obligation to compensate for any financial loss, loss of profit, anticipated savings, loss of or corruption to data or for any loss that could not have been reasonably foreseen (expected) considering this service is for home use only and not for use in connection with any business.. 14.. Matters outside our control.. We shall not be liable to you or in breach of this Agreement for delay or failure to perform if the delay or failure is due to a cause beyond our reasonable control.. 15.. Statutory Rights.. These terms of service do not affect your statutory rights (if appropriate) as a consumer.. 16.. General.. 1 We can record any conversations between you and our staff.. 2 If we fail to enforce a right under this Agreement, that failure will not prevent us from enforcing other rights, or the same type of right on a later occasion.. 3 If a clause or condition of this Agreement is not legally effective, the remainder of this Agreement shall be effective.. We can replace any clause or condition that is not legally effective with a clause or condition of similar meaning that is.. 4 No term of this Agreement is enforceable by any person who is not a party to it.. 17.. Privacy.. 1 We comply with all applicable data protection laws in the UK & Republic of Ireland and our current Privacy Policy is published at: www.. 2 By signing up with us you confirm that you have read and understood our Privacy Policy and you agree to our using your data as detailed in our Privacy Policy, including transferring your data to several European Co-locations and (for telephone support) the Republic of Ireland.. 3 By ticking the box provided on the order page, you expressly agree that we may use information about you obtained by us under this Agreement for the purpose of sending you promotions by email/SMS offered by us and/or any trustworthy third parties.. 18.. Licence and intellectual property.. 1 The Service software used to provide the Service or provided to you in conjunction with providing the Service, or embedded in any ("Software"), and all Services, information, documents and materials on TALKXTRA's website(s) are protected by trademark, copyright or other intellectual property laws and international treaty provisions around the world.. 2 We grant you a non-transferable, revocable licence to use the Software in object code form (without making any modification thereto) strictly in accordance with the terms and conditions of this Agreement.. 3 All websites, corporate names, service marks, trademarks, trade names, logos and domain names (collectively "marks") of TALKXTRA are and shall remain the exclusive property of the TALKXTRA businesses around the world.. Nothing in this Agreement shall grant you the right or license to use any of such marks.. 4 Save as permitted by law, you shall not reverse compile, disassemble or reverse engineer or otherwise attempt to derive the source code from the binary code of the firmware or software used in any Service.. 19.. Governing law.. 1 These terms of service shall be governed by and construed in accordance with English and Irish Law.. 2 Any disputes shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts, to which both parties submit..

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