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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Welcome
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. |.. Geoscience.. Training.. Assessment.. Schools.. Gallery.. Publications.. Contacts & Associates.. Geological and Geotechnical Assessment.. Read More.. Water.. Geodiversity and Geotourism.. Consultant Geologist Robert Meehan.. Robert Meehan began work as a Consultant Geologist in 2003 and is an independent geoservices (Environmental Geology) consultant focused on ground analysis, groundwater and surface water protection, site investigation and geodiversity.. His ideology is that of sustainable development in partnership with environmental interests and concerns.. From his base in County Meath and with associates throughout Ireland, Robert Meehan undertakes projects throughout the Irish Countryside and has worked on environmental geological projects in  ...   Planning and Environmental Institutions.. Training Bodies.. Regional and Local Authorities.. Local Community Partnerships.. Local Private Clients.. Robert links organized and efficient management techniques with specialist technical expertise to deliver client-focused solutions to all projects.. As change is a core driver for a vibrant work ethic Robert is always open to new ways of delivering consistent value to stakeholders, and considers Professional Development and Training as central to this process.. EurGeol Robert Meehan,.. B.. A.. , Ph.. D.. , PGeo.. Talamhireland.. 86 Athlumney Castle,.. Navan,.. County Meath.. Tel: +353-(0)46-9070070.. Mob: +353-(0)87-6875558.. e:.. antalamhireland@gmail.. com.. Copyright 2011 Talamhireland.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Geoscience
    Descriptive info: Gallery.. 1.. Aggregates.. Robert provides geological and environmental services to quarrying and aggregate companies throughout Ireland and has completed Aggregate Potential Studies in the Southeast and Northeast of the Country, Sligo-Leitrim, Kerry, Cork-East, Waterford in co-operation with Apex Geoservices Limited, for many of the major Irish Quarrying Firms.. As well as this, feasibility studies for Aggregate Potential have been carried out locally, within County Meath, for a number of landowners and stakeholders.. Robert s services are guaranteed to provide cost effective support for companies seeking to increase their success in exploration and mining.. 2.. Renewable Energy.. Robert has worked on many sustainable energy projects including that of an eco-hotel in Westmeath, windfarms in Cork and Kerry and potential pumped storage sites in Waterford, Kerry and Cork.. In association with Organic Power Limited, Robert also has an active involvement in Irish research, relevant to the development of onshore sustainable energy resources.. Areas covered include:.. Geothermal Energy.. Evaluation of Geothermal Energy Potential in Ireland.. Investigation of Pan-European Geothermal Potential.. Windfarms.. Strategic Planning.. Implementation and Project Management.. Site Investigation.. Data Management and Integration.. Liason with Planning Authorities.. Pumped Storage.. Engineering Data Management and Integration.. 3.. Robert offers a wide range of groundwater and surface water consulting services to clients, including:.. Environmental Impact Assessments.. Soils, Subsoils and Bedrock Characterisation.. Hydrogeological Site Characterisation.. Groundwater Impact Assessment.. Groundwater and Surface Water Protection at Various Development Type Sites.. Expert Witness / Participation in  ...   association with Mary Tubridy and Associates for Local Authorities and National Agencies to explore the geodiversity potential of many sites and regions throughout Ireland.. A comprehsnsive geodiversity and biodiversity assessment is provided, together with suggested options for sustainable rural development.. This has focussed on activity tourism products, including development of trails, signboards and educational material.. Robert has been involved in the Conservation of Irelands Ice Age Heritage at the highest level and served on the Irish Geological Heritage Expert Panel for the Quaternary Theme.. He is currently writing specific reports on over two hundred proposed Quaternary Natural Heritage Areas throughout Ireland.. Robert is also an experienced field trip leader and teacher and conducts focussed field trips on various aspects of landscape heritage, geodiversity and environmental assessment.. Robert has contributed to popular science and other general interest programmes on local radio, and has regularly written local interest articles for local newspapers and magazines.. 6.. Percolation Testing.. Robert conducts Percolation Tests and Site Assessments throughout Ireland, with a particular focus in County Meath.. Robert has lectured since 1998 on and co-authored the Course Manual for the FÁS/FETAC certificate course on Site Suitability Assessments for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems , run in conjunction with the GSI and the EPA.. To find out more information about Site Assessment and Percolation testing or to arrange a Site Assessment to be carried out on your site,.. click here.. Back to the Top..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Training
    Descriptive info: Environmental Training.. Robert has been involved in Environmental Training with FÁS since 1998.. FÁS met representatives from the Geological Survey of Ireland, the Environmental Protection Agency and Monaghan County Council in 1997 in order to initiate a course in Site Suitability Assessment for On-Site Wastewater Treatment Systems.. This programme was begun in 1998 and Robert wrote the Soils and (part of) the Subsoils Sections of the course manual and began teaching on Soils and Field Aspects of the course.. His involvement has grown and he is now responsible for much of the field teaching and course lectures on field  ...   two further FÁS courses since 2006; those on Earth-Lined Stores, for farm management of slurry as part of the new EU Nitrates Regulations and on Out-Wintering Pads for housing livestock outside in the winter months.. Recently, Robert has helped in the development of a course for Planning and Environment Sections of Local Authorities, on the Applied Aspects of Site Assessments and Percolation testing.. This has been achieved in conjunction with COROS Environmental Engineering.. He is also involved in lecturing on the IGI/GSI course on Source Protection Mapping and Modelling and the IGI course on Soils Description for Engineering purposes..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Assessment
    Descriptive info: Percolation Testing and Site Assessment.. When building a development that will discharge treated wastewater to the ground, a site assessment is required in order to ascertain if the ground can treat and assimilate the volume of wastewater generated.. This involves a five step process:.. Desk study of expected site conditions and environmental constraints.. Visual assessment and mapping of  ...   on the receiving material.. Recommendation of appropriate system and design of percolation area (if feasible).. The resultant report will detail what type of treatment scenario and discharge option best suits the site and will ensure that all appropriate site criteria are met in order to minimize the potential risk to the environment, surface water, groundwater, wells and human health..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Schools
    Descriptive info: Aspects of the last Ice Age in Ireland - Part 1 (PDF).. Glaciations, their processes and investigating ice flows.. Aspects of the last Ice Age in Ireland - Part 2 (PDF).. Glacial sediments and landforms in Ireland, and their affects on humans..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Gallery
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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Publications
    Descriptive info: Publications & Presentations by Dr.. Robert Meehan (PDF)..

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  • Title: Talamhireland - Dr. Robert Meehan, Consultant Geologist | Contacts & Associates
    Descriptive info: Contact Information.. EurGeol Dr.. Robert Meehan, PGeo.. ,.. Navan,.. County Meath,.. Republic of Ireland.. Tel: +353-(0)46-9070070.. Mob: +353-(0)87-6875558.. E-mail:.. Holder of Professional Indemnity Insurance.. Associates.. Geological Survey of Ireland.. Mary Tubridy and Associates.. Kelliher-Miller Architects.. Tobin Environmental Engineers.. Organic Power Limited.. Rowan Engineering Consultants.. Apex Geoservices Limited.. Compass Informatics.. Website development generously facilitated by a grant.. from.. Meath County Enterprise Board..

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