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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Home
    Descriptive info: .. TRAINING COURSES >>.. Sales.. PRO-PAYBACK Selling - Sales Training Course.. PRO-PAYBACK Selling - eLearning in Action.. Profitable Negotiating.. Key Account Development.. Relationship Management.. The Psychology of Selling.. PRO-PAYBACK Selling® by Telephone.. Appointment Making.. Sales for Non-Salespeople.. Channel Strategy & Planning.. Channel Partner Excellence.. Financial Understanding for Sales Professionals.. Marketing for Sales Professionals.. Winning Presentations.. Successful Networking.. Sales Management.. Profitable Sales Management.. Field Sales Management.. Field Sales Management 2.. Management.. Leadership in Senior Management.. Motivational Leadership.. Effective Supervisory Management.. Effective Supervisory Management 2.. Coaching.. Measuring Training Return on Investment.. Finance.. Financial Understanding for the Senior Executive.. Personal Development.. Developing Your Interpersonal Skills.. Making Your Time Count.. IN-COMPANY TRAINING.. E-LEARNING >>.. Pro-Payback Selling.. TACK IQ.. INTERNATIONAL TRAINING >>.. International Network.. International Customers.. MENTORING.. OUTSOURCING.. PRIVACY POLICY.. CONDITIONS OF USE.. Map To Tack Ireland.. Welcome To TACK Training Ireland.. Generating exceptional sales performance requires an all embracing approach and the  ...   advanced skills level, TACK can provide courses for all levels.. Maximising Your Training Investment.. Maximise your training investment working in partnership with TACK, we can provide in company programmes or shared development resources; we'll help you ensure the successful transfer of learning back to the workplace.. You ll Be In Good Company.. By working with TACK International you ll access a wealth of information and best practice.. Thousands of sales professionals and their organisations have chosen to work with TACK to develop the performance of the sales teams we hope you ll join us to participate in world class training that brings results.. Get in contact, for new business enquiries or a chat about your training needs call Eddie Conmy, Business Manager on 01 500 6217 or.. drop us a line.. Home.. Courses.. Contact Us.. Privacy Policy.. Copyright.. TACK.. 2009 Tel: (01) 5006217.. seo ireland.. www.. myit.. ie..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Home
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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Sitemap
    Descriptive info: Website Sitemap..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contacting Us & Booking A Course.. Make direct contact with our Irish head office for a personalised designed Course to meet the needs of your Company.. You can contact us by Phone, DDI, Fax or E-mail.. We are also conveniently situated just off the M50 Motorway in Dublin CityWest Business complex.. TACK Training International,.. 3015 Lake Drive,.. Citywest Business Campus,.. Dublin 24.. Click here for a map.. Tel: 00-353-1-5006217.. DDI: 00-353-1-4038437.. Mobile: 00-353-87-237-3325.. Fax: 00-353-1-5006283.. Website.. http://www.. tack.. ie.. E-mail:.. info@tack.. You Can Use This Online Form For All Your Course Enquiries:.. Title.. *.. :.. Mr.. Mrs.. Miss.. Ms.. Other.. Firstname.. Surname.. Job Title.. Email.. Telephone.. Mobile.. Company Name.. Address1.. Address2.. Address3.. Town.. County.. Postcode/ZIP.. Country.. Select.. United Kingdom.. Argentina.. Australia.. Austria.. Bangladesh.. Belgium.. Brazil.. Bulgaria.. Canada.. Chile.. China.. Cyprus.. Czech Republic.. Denmark..  ...   Sweden.. Switzerland.. Taiwan.. Tanzania.. Thailand.. Turkey.. Ukraine.. United Arab Emirates.. United States.. Vietnam.. Other (please specify).. Main area of business.. Sales.. Sales Management.. Marketing.. Management.. Finance.. Customer Service.. Products.. Events.. Research.. In-Company Training.. Development Needs Analysis.. International Training.. E-Learning.. Qualifications.. Sales Change Management.. Sales-Academy.. Mentoring.. Outsourcing.. Please send me your corporate brochure.. Please send me your open course programme.. Please contact me to arrange a.. free.. consultation with a regional advisor.. Comments.. How did you hear about us?.. --Select--.. Conference/exhibition.. Mailing.. Press article.. Previous customer.. Recommendation.. Search engine.. TACK representative.. We would like to contact you from time to time regarding our services.. Please tick here to receive information from TACK International by:.. And/or text message.. Please enter the.. CASE SENSITIVE.. anti spam code below.. code.. *Please fill in.. all.. the above required boxes..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | TRAINING COURSES
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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Sales
    Descriptive info: As your customers expect more and the difference between your own and your competitors' products becomes less, your ability to build and maintain strong customer relationships is key to winning and retaining business.. Our internationally renowned sales programmes range from fundamental through to advanced level and are designed to deliver immediate results.. TACK's renowned foundation sales programme Sales Training Course, is now PRO-PAYBACK Selling™, to reflect the powerful and proven TACK sales model that is at the core of our open programme.. Your Career Development With TACK:..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | PRO-PAYBACK Selling - Sales Training Course
    Descriptive info: PRO-PAYBACK Selling Sales Training Course.. Deliver exceptional sales results with TACK's internationally proven PRO-PAYBACK Selling model.. Business need.. Effective selling is the lifeblood of any organisation.. But increased competition and higher customer expectations make it tough to close both new and repeat business.. This intensive and interactive programme will equip your salespeople with a comprehensive and practical toolkit of professional, solution driven sales techniques to totally satisfy their customers and defeat the competition.. Who will benefit?.. Newly appointed salespeople from any sales background or those with limited training or experience.. Management or non-sales personnel who need a greater sales awareness will also benefit from attending.. High spots.. *.. The TACK PRO-PAYBACK Selling model.. - a powerful formula that guides you through the complete sales process from planning right through to closing and developing the account.. You'll leave the course with a series of worksheets.. - tailored to your business, which follow each step of the sale and can be used immediately after the course.. TACK's internationally renowned 'You, We, I' philosophy.. - an invaluable framework to understand what makes your customers 'tick'.. The Customer Motivation Model.. - build your own confidence  ...   by Objectives process which helps you to become more proactive and focused.. Gain and retain your customers' attention every time.. - learn the importance of a Purpose Statement to win your customers' attention and focus the call.. Obtain relevant information.. - ask effective open, closed, probing and linking questions and observe body language to establish your customers' true priorities, opinions, concerns and motivators.. Then tailor your offer to meet the needs you have identified.. Respond professionally to customer objections.. - understand the psychology and leave the course with a formula to help you respond to major objections.. Deal with difficult buyers.. - learn why some customers are particularly challenging to deal with and plan your approach to silent, over-talkative, inattentive or indecisive buyers.. Gain commitment and close the business profitably.. - the decision point can be extremely difficult but we'll help you to identify Buying Signals and apply the logical Agreement Staircase so you know when and how to close on your objectives.. Maximise your telephone appointment making techniques and your cold calling approach.. - leave the course with an invaluable toolkit of ideas to be successful in this tough area..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | PRO-PAYBACK Selling - eLearning in Action
    Descriptive info: PRO-PAYBACK Selling eLearning in Action.. eLearning + 2 days.. The course fee includes 12 months eLearning licence for a named individual plus a 2 day intensive skills practice workshop.. Get the best of all worlds with blended learning, the flexibility and time efficiency of online learning integrated with the benefits of face to face coaching, practice and experiential learning.. Business need:.. Skills and knowledge are vital components of the successful salesperson s toolkit.. Applying those skills is, in reality, very challenging to do.. This unique programme blends TACK s proven PRO-PAYBACK Selling model with eLearning and a highly practical 2 day skills practice workshop.. Who will benefit:..  ...   sales awareness.. High spots:.. * Apply the 10 stages of the PRO-PAYBACK Selling model to your own sales situation through a series of interactive exercises, case studies and role-plays on and off line.. * Assess your selling style, the impact it has on others and when you need to flex.. * Analyse your own performance and identify areas for further development and practise with support from fellow delegates and coaching from your course leader.. * Take your sales skills to a higher level access to your eLearning for 12 months and an intensive 2 day workshop to practice your skills will help you achieve sustainable improvement and results..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Profitable Negotiating
    Descriptive info: Win the deal and keep your profit.. Ever won the deal but lost the profit? Effective negotiation demands a unique combination of skills aside from your existing sales or buying skills.. This practical 'hands on' course focuses on the best negotiation techniques - allowing you to cooperate rather than compete to achieve a good result for both parties in the negotiation.. You'll experience the challenges from both sides of the negotiating table, learning how to plan and implement your strategy without giving away your profit.. Although principally designed for salespeople and buyers, it is of equal benefit to anyone who has to conduct negotiations.. High spot.. You'll participate in a  ...   stage.. Manage the negotiation sequence.. - understand how to take up the right 'initial stance' and remain in control throughout.. Strengthen your position through intelligent questioning.. - obtain and use information to best effect.. Recognise the strategies and tactics used by professional buyers.. - use effective psychological and logical countermeasures.. Assess the impact of concessions.. - will the end result still be commercially viable?.. Analyse your 'strength of position'.. - recognise sources of power and leverage and how they are used.. Implement the skills and qualities of a successful negotiator.. - assess your strengths and weaknesses through role-plays and self-analysis to improve your negotiating style.. Related Courses:.. Winning Sales Presentations..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Key Account Development
    Descriptive info: Intelligent Account Management.. Your company's key accounts are your competitors' key prospects.. Your profits depend more on acquiring, protecting and developing key accounts than on any other single activity.. During the course you will learn how to identify 'who's who in the zoo' in terms of organisation structures, politics and power and how to motivate key influencers and decision makers to help you beat the competition.. Anyone responsible for managing key customer relationships including key account managers, national/major account managers, field/national sales managers, sales or business development directors.. Note: this course does not cover basic selling skills and it is assumed that delegates are fully trained/experienced in fundamental sales techniques.. Apply TACK IQ to your own accounts.. - this easy to use electronic account development system enables key account managers to save time, consolidate critical business information, plan their strategy and ultimately deliver profitable key account business.. The system is totally flexible and you can use the elements you find most valuable to research your key customers, assess where the power lies, forecast revenue and plan tactical activities.. Drill Down to FIND Solutions.. - become a skilful investigator by employing TACK’s powerful questioning model.. Use our 4 phase questioning technique to get to the heart of your customers’ unidentified and identified needs.. Define key accounts and key account management.. - understand the process of  ...   lies within each of your key accounts.. This will help you to plan your approach carefully and present a powerful solution which appeals to all decision makers and influencers within your customer's organisation.. Identify the priorities, wants and needs of your key account customers.. - understand that key accounts tend to involve multiple decision makers who are motivated by a variety of (sometimes conflicting) different priorities, wants and needs, each of which you must identify and respond to.. Differentiate yourself from your competitors.. - see the competition through your customers' eyes and adapt your offer accordingly.. Using TACK IQ you can:.. * Assess whether an account is in fact a KEY account.. * Manage multiple sites, locations, branches.. * Map out the decision process visually.. * Share information and provide internal updates on the progress you make within your key accounts.. * Import all key documents, eg annual reports.. * Categorise the different personalities involved in your account.. * Assess your competitive position and devise your strategy accordingly.. * Conduct a regular SWOT analysis, save the data and compare to the current situation.. * Forecast objectively, consistently and accurately.. * Plan negotiations and key presentations with the built in checklist tools.. * Coordinate daily activities with the Event Planner Access key notes and materials taught on the course through the built in TACK library..

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  • Title: Tack International Training Ireland - In-Company Training, Mentoring, e-Learning | Relationship Management
    Descriptive info: You make the difference!.. As every sales professional knows, excellent communication is critical at all stages of the customer relationship - create the wrong impression at any time and a hot prospect or profitable customer may be lost forever.. This dynamic course will help you to understand yourself, as well as others, allowing you to refine your key skills and apply them with greater success.. Ideal for those who have attended previous TACK sales courses to consolidate and further develop their skills.. This course is of equal benefit to experienced salespeople, fully conversant with the basics of selling, who want to enhance their selling skills.. * The TACK Sales Profile - through self analysis, this practical, enlightening  ...   as you work closely with your fellow delegates in project teams.. * Drill Down to FIND Solutions - become a skilful investigator by employing TACK’s powerful questioning model.. * Maximise your strengths and overcome your weaknesses- by developing your own personal action and development plan.. * Adapt your interpersonal style - understand your own style and that of others; use the most appropriate selling behaviour for each customer’s needs.. * Analyse your customers’ behaviour and motivations - understand the balance of emotion and logic and your own ‘Priority Needs’ along with those of your customers.. * Understand non-verbal communication - a session on advanced non-verbal skills (body language, mirroring, leading, etc) will improve this essential skill.. Related courses:..

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