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  • Title: Free entry in 2012!!!
    Descriptive info: .. Thank you for visiting our website!.. Beautiful old stonewalls enclose this sheltered.. Walled.. Garden.. (2.. 158 acres) which is set among 420 acres of native woodland.. Formerly part of the V.. andeleur Family Demesne, this garden has been restored around the old path system.. with a horizontal maze, unusual water-features and a free-standing Victorian-style working glasshouse which is accessible to visitors.. The garden specializes in many unusual and tender plants that thrive in the area’s uniquely western latitude micro climate.. Children can enjoy the living willow structure, sand area and follow the  ...   exhibition “Kilrush in Landlord Times” are on display in the centre.. So come and visit this lovely garden and have a rest in our.. Coffee Shop.. and enjoy some delicious homemade food.. Don't forget to visit our Gift Shop.. You might just find the one little gift you have been looking for.. A wide variety of plants are available for sale in the courtyard.. Our.. conference facilities.. are ideal for meetings, trainings,etc.. class="statcounter".. href="http://www.. statcounter.. com/" target="_blank".. class="statcounter".. src="http://c.. com/4537730/0/b5a5a1c7/1/".. alt="click tracking".. |Home|.. |.. About us.. Visitor Information.. News.. Events.. Gallery.. Contact us.. Links..

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  • Title: About us
    Descriptive info: Walled Garden.. Walled Garden.. The.. occupies an area of ca.. 0.. 90ha (2.. 158 acres) is completely surrounded by stone walls.. It was positioned close to the family house, to the east side of the other buildings, which helped to protect it from the prevailing westerly winds.. The garden is rectangular in shape with a widening west end.. The west wall is nearly twice as long as the east wall with the north wall the longest, designed purposely to catch maximum sun for the plants.. The orientation of the garden was designed to give the contents the benefits of the most favourable weather conditions.. The original layout was a conventional one of paths running round the garden parallel to the walls, with a centre path running from north to south and a cross-path running from east to west dividing the garden into four planted sections.. The original garden was likely to be unassuming, specifically for day to day produce of fruit, flowers and vegetables.. Revival of Garden.. Re-design of the Garden.. Prior to the commencement of restoration works a decision was made to redesign the.. Vandeleur.. for the 21st Century rather then recreating the original.. The redesign does incorporate the old path system but now contains many unusual and tender plants that thrive in the area’s uniquely western latitude microclimate.. In keeping with the modern theme there is a contemporary and dramatic red theme (eg.. red pillar water feature, red summer house) throughout the garden ensuring colour all year round.. The Re-development of the Garden began in 1997.. In Spring 2000 the replanting of the borders that line the wall began.. It was first opened to the public in September 2000 with the first paying visitor in May 2001.. Planting on the West Wall Border-North End.. The west wall border-north end is planted mostly with white flowering shrubs and herbaceous plants ilncluding Eucomia bicolor, Pseudowintera colorata, Libertia grandiflora, Galega officinalis and Leucothae walteri.. At the entrance to this border is a Sarcococca confusa, the first plant to be replanted in the garden by Peter Wendy Vandeleur,.. Australia.. Well.. During the Vandeleur times this was part of a storm drain that came through the garden.. The well was catchment area for water for the garden.. Planting along North Wall West End and.. East End.. A south facing wall, this wall has a distinctive curve in it to maximise the area where a large amount of plants can be planted and benefit from full sunlight both in front and against the wall.. Consequently there is a selection of tender plants along this border such as Acacia baileyana ‘Purpurea’, Musa basjoo (Banana), Cestrum roseum ‘Illnacullin’, Echium pininana, Melianthus major, Correa backhousiana, Euphorbia mellifora, Leptospermum scoparium, and Accacia pravissima.. Glasshouse.. There are still remains of plaster on the North wall.. This marks the location of a lean-to heated glasshouse from the Vandeleur time and would have been the only internal building in the garden.. We know about the heating by the fact that there are some old iron pipes coming out at the other side of the wall where the boiler would havbe been.. Fruit and cut flowers would have been grown in this glasshouse.. Hebe Collection.. With the garden's microclimate, a display of more tender species was planted here.. These species of Hebe's are a native of New Zeeland.. It is quite tender to frost but resistant to salt air.. Bedding Displays.. The outline of the circular bed and both triangular beds were discovered when restoration of the garden began.. It is thought that an ornamental display of plants rather than vegetables would have been planted in these beds in the original garden.. Planting in these bedding displays now reflects the red theme in the garden.. Daisy Beds.. These are a new addition and  ...   a range of plants the have yellow flowers or variegated foliage including Hammellis xintermedia ‘Arnold Promise’ (Witch Hazel), Mahonia lomariifolia both of which are strongly scented in spring.. Arboretum.. An Arboretum is an area where a collection of trees is planted.. The Trees planted in this small Arboretum are Taxus baccata, Acer davidii, Eucalyptus, Pinus pinnata, Cherry, Mountain Ash and Oak.. These trees have been chosen for their bark and autumn colour.. Latest additions are a Monkeypuzzle Tree and a Sweet Chestnut Tree.. Vandeleur Crest.. As part of the redesign, the Vandeleur family crest was incorporated into this port hole feature.. The name of the bird on the crest of the arms of the Vandeleur Family is a Martlet purp holding in its beak a trefoil.. History.. Historical Survey.. The original member of the Vandeleur family in.. Ireland.. was said to have been a Dutch merchant, Maximillian Van der Leur, who was based in Sixmilebridge during the early 17th century.. The Vandeleur’s established their seat in Kilrush in 1687 when the Reverend John Vandeleur became rector of Kilrush.. In 1712 several townlands in the vicinity of Kilrush were leased from the Earl of Thomond and later purchased by John Vandeleur, son of Rev.. John Vandeleur in 1749.. The walled demesne became the core of their property consisting of 175ha (420 acres).. The Vandeleur family became extremely influential during the late 18th and the 19th century, representing the county in parliament and encouraging development in the town.. It is probable that the demesne was laid out during the lifetime of Crofton Vandeleur who died in 1795, as the planned landscape has an unmistakable late 18th century framework of shelter belts, woodland pasture set out conforming to the lie of the land.. Kilrush House, begun by Crofton, was completed in 1808.. It was a classical styte house with three stories, a basement and the 86 windows were often mentioned with admiration.. The house faced south west on an elevated spot commanding extensive views of the Shannon and the Clare and Kerry shores.. It can be assumed that the out buildings of stables, farm and walled garden for the demesne are contemporary with the house.. These buildings were noted for their fine construction and good quality stone.. The stone used is probably local with quarries nearby Knockeragh, Moneypoint, Crag and Tullagower.. Major development took place during the period that John Ormsby Vandeleur was head of the family until 1828.. The family was at the height of its fortune major improvement of the demesne of the town took place during that time.. During the middle years of the 19th century the demesne continued to develop under Col.. Crofton Moore Vandeleur, who was M.. P for Kilrush from 1859 to 1874.. A decline in the fortunes of the family ensued after his death and the dislike of the house by the wife of Capt.. Hector Stewart Vandeleur.. This generation did not live at Kilrush with the family having other homes in.. Dublin.. and.. London.. It is likely that the walled garden was kept up to a certain standard against the day of family visits or to provide produce to send to.. The Vandeleurs, as landlords lost lands during the Land Acts and the family moved to Cahircon, near Kildysart.. In 1897 the house was badly damaged by fire.. Hector Steward died in 1909 and his heir, Capt.. Alexander Vandeleur was killed in action in the First World War.. During the Land Commission of the 1920’s the Department of Forestry took over the estate, they planted trees in the demesne it was under their direction that the remains of the house were removed in 1973, following an accident in the ruins.. Today the top car park is laid over the site of the house.. Home.. |About us|..

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  • Title: Visitor Information
    Descriptive info: Our Visitor Information page contains a variety of information for visitors intending to visit the.. Vandeleur Walled Garden.. or stay around the area.. If you do not find what you are looking for, feel free to.. contact us.. and our friendly staff will be happy to be of your assistance.. Opening times.. Admission fees.. Location.. Facilities.. Plants for sale.. Conference Facilities.. Parking.. Accessibility.. Dogs.. Visiting the area.. Opening Times:.. April to September.. 10am – 5pm (Mon – Fri).. 1pm – 5pm.. (Sat, Sun, Bank Holidays).. October to March.. 10am - 4 pm (Mon - Fri), closed on Bank Holidays.. Last admission to the garden and last orders in the coffee shop: 30 minutes before closing.. This year we will open on weekends from 10am to 5pm on weekends in July and August.. Admission fees:.. Free entry in 2012!!!.. Normal admission fees:.. Adults:.. €5.. 00.. Children:.. €2.. Families (2 Aduls + up to 3 children):.. €15.. OAP / Students.. €3.. Group rates available for groups 10.. Location:.. The Vandeleur Walled Garden lies nestled in the heart of Kilrush Wood, just 2 Kilometres from the Centre of.. Kilrush.. in the County of Clare.. GPS Location: N 52.. 63657.. W 009.. 47357.. We are only 45km (28 miles) away from Ennis, 78 km (48 miles) from Limerick, 14km (8.. 6 miles) from Kilkee, 8 km (5 miles) from the Shannon Car Ferry (Killimer – Tarbert) in Killimer, 50.. 5 km (43 miles) from the Cliffs of Moher, and 109 km (67 miles) from Galway.. Coming to Kilrush follow the brown heritage fingerpost signs that lead you through the Town Centre towards Kilimer onto the N67.. Just approximately 1 kilometre outside the town you find the road bordered by a high stone wall on the left.. After ca.. 500 metres the entrance to the wood opens to your left with signs advertising the Vandeleur Walled Garden and here you should turn off.. Follow the road into the wood and it will lead you to an open space and further down a little hill to the car park and the entrance to the Vandeleur Walled Garden and Centre.. We hope, that no Leprechauns turn or take our signs.. Click on.. here.. to open map in a new window.. Facilities:.. Our facilities include:.. Coffee Shop with Patio Cafe.. Gift Shop.. Plant Sales area.. Conference facilities.. Guided Tours available by appointment (Monday - Friday).. Coffee Shop:.. Our Coffee Shop daily supplies fresh scones, vegetable soup with brown bread, all types of sandwiches and  ...   Hosta Fortunei ‘Honeybells’.. Iris foetidissima.. Iris sanguinea blue form.. Iris sanguinea white form.. Liriope muscari.. Lupinus polyphillus.. Lychnis chalcedonica.. Lysimachia nummularia 'Aurea'.. Pemstemon gloxinoides ‘Sour Grapes’.. Pemstemon gloxinoides ‘White Bedder’.. Persicaria affinis.. Rheum palmatum ‘Ace of Spades’.. Rudbeckia fulgida var.. sullivantii ‘Goldsturm’.. Schizostylis coccinea.. Stachys byzantina.. Stipa tenuissima.. Tellima grandiflora.. Veronica Spicata ‘Sightseeing’.. Shrubs and Trees.. Acer campestre.. Berberis thunbergii ‘Atropurpurea’.. Brachyglottis greyii.. Brachyglottis monroi.. Buxus sempervirens ‘Argentea’.. Castanea sativa.. Ceanothus rigidus 'Snowball'.. Escallonia exoniensis ‘Gold Brian’.. Escallonia macrantha ‘Apple Blossom’.. Escallonia macrantha ‘Donard White’.. Escallonia macrantha ‘Rubra’.. Forsythia intermedia ‘Spectabilis’.. Genista hispanica.. Hebe albicans ‘Red Edge’.. Hebe pinguifolia ‘Pagei’.. Hebe pinguifolia ‘Sutherlandii’.. Hedera colchica 'Dentata Variegata.. Hedera colchica 'Sulphur Heart'.. Hedera helix 'Erecta'.. Hydrangea macrophylla.. Jasminum stephanense.. Laurus nobilis.. Luma apiculata.. Mahonia aquifolium.. Olearia macrodanta.. Philadelphus coronaries ‘Virginal’.. Pinus sylvestris.. Prunus laurocerasus ‘Otto Luyken’.. Rosa rugosa ‘Alba’.. Rosa rugosa 'Rubra'.. Sarcococca confusa.. Sarcococca hookeriana.. Syringa vulgaris.. Taxus baccata.. Teucrium fruticans.. Viburnum davidii.. Viburnum opulus.. Weigela.. florida.. ‘Variegata’.. Annuals for hanging baskets, window boxes, bedding displays.. Biddens.. Cinerarias.. Double Begonias.. Marigolds.. Trailing Begonias.. Trailing Lobelias.. Trailing Petunias.. Traling Backopas.. Verbenas.. Wax Begonias.. Herbs.. Chive.. Coriander.. Dill.. Fennel.. Mint.. Parsley.. Rosemary.. Sage.. Thyme.. Vegetables and Fruits.. Artichokes.. Blueberries.. Cabbages.. Cauliflowers.. Courgettes.. Gooseberries.. Kohlrabies.. Lettuces.. Raspberries.. Rhubarbs.. Strawberries.. Tomatoes.. Conference Facilities:.. Away from the hustle bustle of the town ,the gardens promise a successfull undisturbed meeting venue.. The conference suite offers capacity for up to 80 persons with natural lighting and is available for early morning meetings straight through to late evenings.. The suite is ideal for corporate presentations, staff training, interviews, AGM's committee meetings and is equipped with black out blinds, a new projector and projector screen.. We can provide flip chart and overhead projector as well.. The Coffee Shop can supply catering if required.. We can provide tea / coffee and scones, soup, sandwiches or finger food buffets.. For futher details, rates and booking please.. Parking:.. Extensive free parking for coaches and cars available.. Accessibility:.. The garden is level and there are wide gravel paths throughout.. The Victorian style working glasshouse is open to visitors.. The Summer House is wheelchair accessible.. Disability restroom is available.. Coffee Shop and Gift Shop are wheelchair accessible.. Dogs:.. All well behaving dogs who arrive with their scoop the poop trained owners on leads are assured of a warm welcome and a bowl of cool refreshing water.. Visiting the area:.. For more information about the town of Kilrush and other interesting places in West Clare please visit our.. page.. |Visitor Information|..

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  • Title: News
    Descriptive info: News.. For more news visit us on facebook! Better even - become a fan!.. July and August 2012.. For July and August we will open from 10am to 5pm on weekends.. Come and enjoy the summer!.. All year in 2012.. There will be free entry to the gardens throughout 2012!.. October 2011 - March 2012.. Free entry to the garden.. October 2011.. Please note that our opening times have changed to the winter opening times: We are open Mondays - Fridays from 10am to 4pm.. Last entry to the garden is at 3.. 30pm.. We are closed for the weekends and Bankholidays.. All August 2011.. To celebrate the 10th anniversary of the opening of the garden and coffee shop, we grant free entry to the garden for all in August.. April 2011.. All the chess enthusiasts can now enjoy a game in the Vandeleur Walled Garden.. The giant chess game  ...   we have.. enlarged and framed.. some pages from the Irish Illustrated Times.. They are on display in the foyer of our mini museum (we still hope for people to donate Vandeleur related items for display).. The article is about evictions.. and life in 1849 in Kilrush.. Very interesting and far from being "good old times".. Spring 2010.. Our garden team has extended the kids area.. It now includes a hop scotch and 2 games.. The living willow structure and the sandbox are still a great attraction for our little visitors.. 25th May 2010.. Now on display in our mini museum: "The Vandeleur Church Hymnal".. It is inscribed: "To Colonel C.. M.. Vandeleur from your loving grandson Seymour Vandeleur, Kilrush July 26th 1878".. The Hymnal was donated to the Clare County Archives by Frank Conway and the late Alexander Conway.. We are greatful to be able do display it here.. |News|..

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  • Title: Events
    Descriptive info: For the most up to date pictures and information, please visit us on Facebook:.. Sunday, 22nd April 2012.. OPEN DAY with CRAFT FAIR & PLANT SALE on SUNDAY 22nd April 2012 The Vandeleur Walled Garden & Centre, Kilrush is having a traditional Craft Fair & Plant Sale in connection with this years Spring Open Day on Sunday, 22nd April from 1 pm to 5 pm.. Items include Stained Glass, Jewellery, Felted Accessories, Hand-Woven Bags, Decorated Tiles, Cards, Knitted Items, Photography, Paintings and more.. Entry to the Craft Fair and to the Garden is free.. A selection of summer bedding plants, herbs and perennials as well as a variety of shrubs and hedging plants will be available for sale.. The Walled Garden is offering a discount of 20% on many plants in stock and the head gardener will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions.. Handcrafted garden accessories and bags of decorative bark mulch and potting compost are also available.. Visitors to the Craft Fair and to the Garden can treat themselves to a selection of home-made treats in the Vandeleur coffee shop and patio cafe.. Sunday 11th December.. Christmas Art & Craft Fair Open Day on Sunday 11th December 2010 from 12pm – 4pm.. All are welcome to celebrate the festive season with us.. Entry to garden and Art & Craft Fair is free.. Items include Stained Glass, Jewellery, Felted Accessories, Hand-Woven Bags & Wall Hangings, Decorated Tiles, Cards, Knitted / Crochet Items, Photography, Pottery, Forever Living products and  ...   the head gardener will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions.. The clearance sale will end on 30th September.. We also supply bags of decorative bark mulch and potting compost.. A selection of garden accessories, all handcrafted by staff at the Vandeleur Walled Garden & Centre, will also be available for sale.. Orders can be taken on the day.. Our Coffee shop offers homemade scones a variety of cakes and sweet treats on the open days.. Come and join us for a great day out!.. Sunday, 28th August 2011.. Art & Craft PopUp Shop and Plant Sale The Vandeleur Walled Garden & Centre, Kilrush is hosting a Lúnasa Art & Craft PopUp Shop & Plant Sale on Sunday, 28th August from 12 pm to 5 pm.. Items include Stained Glass, Jewellery, Felted Accessories, Hand-Woven Bags, Decorated Tiles, Cards, Knitted Items, Silver Jewellery, Photography, Pottery, Wood turning articles, Forever Living products and more.. A selection of trees, herbs and perennials as well as a variety of shrubs and hedging plants will be available for sale.. Our special summer offer is “Buy 2 plants, get one free”.. All plants are suitable for our special coastal climate in West Clare.. The head gardener will be on hand to provide information and answer any questions.. Bags of decorative bark mulch and potting compost are also available.. Handcrafted garden accessories can be order to you specification.. Visitors can treat themselves to a selection of home-made treats in the Vandeleur coffee shop and patio cafe.. |Events|..

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  • Title: Gallery
    Descriptive info: Flash movie.. |Gallery|..

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  • Title: Contact us
    Descriptive info: Contact us at the Vandeleur Walled Garden and Centre.. Vandeleur Walled Garden & Centre.. Vandeleur Demesne.. Killimer Road.. Kilrush.. ,.. Co.. Clare.. Phone:.. ++353-65-905-1760.. Fax:.. ++353-65-905-1782.. E-Mail:.. info@vandeleurwalledgarden.. ie.. Search Location on a Map.. E-mail us by filling out the form below:.. Name:.. Comments:.. |Contact us|..

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  • Title: Links
    Descriptive info: We hope you may find the following links usefull.. The town of Kilrush.. A useful guide to visitors to Kilrush providing information on the town's history, achievements, attractions and activities, events, festivals and much more.. Dolphin watching.. Situated at the edge of the Shannon estuary, Kilrush is an ideal location to take a dolphin-watching trip from.. Shannon Dolphin & Wildlife Centre.. Interesting information and activities, including whale and dolphins skulls and skeletons and rubbing boards, goggle boxes and jigsaws can be found at the centre.. Kilrush Creek Marina.. Kilrush Marina offers a unique blend of facilities and attractions.. Kilrush Golf Club.. Kilrush Golf & Sports Club which was designed with a clever use of the natural terrain combined with water, trees,  ...   archeological monuments.. Cliffs of Moher.. The Cliffs are just only 50.. 5 km (43 miles) away from the Vandeleur Valled Garden.. Doonbeg Golf Club.. The Doonbeg golf site on the grounds of this 5 star hotel in Ireland was designed by two-time British Open Champion Greg Norman.. General Visitor Information.. Visiting West Clare.. All the information you need for visiting County Clare.. Discover Ireland.. Good information about what to do, where to go and where to stay in Ireland.. Houses, Castles and Gardens of Ireland.. See Irish architecture at its finest, visit some of the most beautiful gardens in the world and learn about Irelands long and varied history.. Garden Tours of Ireland.. Country House Tours organizes memorable tailor made tours.. |Links|..

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