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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - V2020 Consulting
    Descriptive info: .. V2020 Business Consulting.. Driving efficiency in Mid-Sized Business with Industry Specialist Management Consulting.. V2020 Consulting.. Blog.. Consultant Benefits.. Consulting Academy.. Business Articles.. About Us.. Media.. Business Benefit Videos.. 90 Minute Consultation.. Client Benefits.. Benefits to Partners - Assess Business Risk.. Testimonials.. Good for SMEs.. Transform your business.. V20:20 Framework.. Contact Us.. Does your Business need Professional Practical help?.. A recession is the best time to overhaul your business and lay the foundation for future growth and profits.. What's most important to you?.. Grow Sales Reduce Costs.. Create sustainable business competitiveness.. Optimise your resources, increase productivity.. Stabilise your Profits, plan for Export.. Create Strategic Plans for Viable growth.. Current Commercial Climate:.. Many previously profitable businesses face big challenges.. Business failure and liquidation are real threats and the lack of credit and understanding from their banks exacerbates this.. When was the last time your accountant, solicitor or banker came to your business and helped you make real changes for the  ...   that return to success.. V20:20 typically:.. Help you streamline operations, reduce costs, increase sales and right-size your business.. Put a Plan of Action together to deliver your goals then help you implement it.. V20:20 Expertise by Industry Sector.. Banking.. Biotech.. Construction.. Distribution.. Education.. Engineering.. FMCG.. Food Drink.. Health.. Hospitality.. Insurance.. IT.. Manufacturing.. Pharmaceutical.. Printing.. Power.. Public Sector.. Prof Services.. Retail.. Service Industries.. Telecoms.. Transport.. Waste.. Other.. Allow management to focus on the core activities of the business.. Create strategies for future growth (local/export) to increase your revenues and profitability.. Improve sales capabilities and forecasting by implementing best of breed sales processes.. Prevent future difficulties by identifying and monitoring key performance indicators (KPIs).. Call us today on 01 619 0652.. If you Book your free.. Checkpoint Consultation.. we will send you a link to a short 12 point questionnaire, in advance of arranging a free, no obligation meeting for you, the business owner, with one of our industry business consultants..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Consultant Benefits
    Descriptive info: V2020 Home.. Apply as a Consultant.. Improve Consulting Efficiency.. Training for Consultants.. Sectoral Expertise.. Functional Expertise.. Why have 75 Top Business consultants already joined V20:20?.. Please apply to join our panel of Leading Industry Consultants here.. Only Consultants who have a proven track record in providing tactical and strategic solutions to business customers with Revenues in excess of 1million are on the team.. Most consultants are not great at marketing themselves, which means that it is extremely difficult to match the right consultant with the client who really needs them.. Because of V20:20s  ...   This means that while we can probably match most clients based on.. Functional.. or.. Sectoral.. requirements - we are always looking to meet excellent consultants.. Banks, Consultants and Customers will all enjoy a consistent approach:.. Key point of Contact for the Customer, Bank and Stakeholders.. Centralised Tools: Assessments, Reporting, Planning.. Industry Benchmarking - KPI Monitoring.. Full Training and Support for consultants.. Financial Operations - Centralised Billing and Invoicing.. If you are a consultant with at least 5 years experience and a track record of success -.. please apply to join our panel here..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Consulting Academy
    Descriptive info: Learning Objectives.. Sample Outline.. V20:20 Consulting Business Programme - More Than Training.. V20:20 designed the CBP because, in line with our Big Hairy Audacious Goals, we want to improve the standard of consulting and the results from consulting engagements locally, nationally and globally.. The CBP is intended to ensure that all engagements by V20:20 consultants meet standard minimum criteria when was the last time you heard a consultant or a consultancy practice say that unless they could identify a potential ROI of 300% as a direct result of the consulting assignment, they wouldn t engage? We d guess never.. But that s one of V20:20 s standard consulting criteria.. So who would you prefer to engage as a professional business consultant? A V20:20 Trusted Advisor or someone with vague woolly assertions?.. The CBP is intended to ensure that all engagements by V20:20 trained consultants meet standard minimum criteria.. You will attend this because:.. 1.. You currently run a consultancy and need to take it to the next level.. 2.. You ve recently set up a consultancy  ...   If companies used you, you know you d help improve their business.. If they knew what areas you specialise in and how good you are, they d contract your services immediately.. But it's not working out that way.. You know companies require your help but they don t know who you are.. Or when they meet you they re unsure of how you can really help and will they get a return on their investment.. The V20:20 Consulting Business Programme shows consultants the ideal sequence of events that need to happen to build the consultancy business you aspire to.. The programme helps participants build a comprehensive action plan that ~.. Focuses the consultant on the consultancy business that s right for them.. Provides a path to success as a consultant.. Delivers the process and the softer skills required to run a successful consultancy business.. Particpants will leave with:.. A proven model for Business Consultancy Success.. Identifying and targeting YOUR market.. Professional approach to Consultancy engagements.. Their Consultancy Business Model.. Cost: TBC.. Duration: 5 days.. Numbers: (9 max)..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Business Articles
    Descriptive info: Business KPIs.. Captivate Buyers in 5 Words.. Plan your sales cash-crop now!.. Does your Accountant provide value, or are they just a cost?.. 7 Golden Rules for Recession Survival.. How Directors Can Become Liable for the Debts of Their Company.. 4 Steps to Guarantee Business Survival.. Is Goal a 4 Letter Word?.. Why customer lifetime value is the most important measurement in your business.. 7 Ways to revitalise your Business and Create future wealth.. Fostering a Superior Customer Service Culture.. Why Conducting a customer survey could double your profits!.. Preparing the annual return for Audit - exempt companies.. With the current credit crunch, falling sales and generally difficult trading conditions, businesses that want to survive, understand you probably need a turnaround specialist.. Here are some articles that could help your business today.. 7 Golden Rules for Recession Survival.. Are you one of many business people left wondering what will happen next, now that the Celtic Tiger has passed on and the winter of recession is upon us?.. There are professionals out there who offer services that can really enhance your business, and as a result your wealth.. This brief article looks at some of the areas you could be looking at.. Plan your sales cash-crop now!.. We reap  ...   in its own name and incur debts in its own name.. 4 Steps to Guarantee Business Survival.. Could a proven Success Framework be all that's needed for your survival in today's economic conditions? Read the rest of this article to see if these tools could be what you need today.. This article explores the importance of knowing the lifetime value of your customers and how to calculate it.. You can spot trends as they happen, and make the most from them.. Whether your business is a startup or has been around for many years, there are things to do to ensure its success.. I have for years seen and heard of things that have helped businesses grow and prosper.. Knowing how to amaze your customers is something that you must instill within the company culture.. Here are some pointers to ensure you have loyal customers.. Customer Surveys are the most inexpensive way of generating profits, which any business could dream of.. But how could they really boost your profits? This article uncovers some of the secrets.. I thought it was an easy process, till I did it, so I decided to write out the key steps, along with links as to where you can get the appropriate information..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - About Us
    Descriptive info: Mission.. Core team.. Company Doctors.. Sitemap.. Press Releases.. V20:20: Professional Consulting Allied with Trusted Advice.. Consultants as Trusted Advisers? Now you can have confidence.. Take this Example: One of the biggest issues facing SMEs today is access to cash flow.. This can be achieved though bank credit, cost reductions or improved processes and increased sales.. But how do you make that happen?.. V20:20 have over 65 top Irish Business Consultants, all industry specialists with a proven track record of bedrocking and growing SME companies with multi-million euro turnovers.. All are not experts in everything - who is - but we are experts in our specialist fields.. And it is this expertise that enable us to diagnose and address the specific busine.. ss issues clients face.. Thus you can be confident that the V20:20 Framework can transform your company, improve cash flow and ensure the survival, growth and ultimate success of your business.. All of our consultants are fully-trained and highly-skilled in the  ...   they should only deliver engagements where the expected client ROI is in excess of 300%.. This is one of the many real business deliverables that are unique to V20:20 and the V20:20 SaaS system combined with our highly specialised training will ensure that's what you can expect when engaging V20:20.. But that's not all.. V2020 has a number of long-term aims which we like to call Big Hairy Audacious Goals (BHAGs):.. By 2020, we will have saved or positively impacted 200,000 jobs.. By 2020, we will have enabled 20,000 businesses to survive and thrive.. By 2020, our products and services will be used by over 20,000 independent Business Consultants.. In 2020, we will donate 20% of accumulated company profits to charitable causes.. If you are a consultant.. with at least 5 years experience and a track record of success -.. If you would like your business to benefit.. from our expertise, why not.. contact us now for a secure online assesment.. ?..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Media
    Descriptive info: Business & Finance.. Irish Independent.. Irish Examiner.. The Star.. The Sunday Business Post.. This is an interview with Peter Lawless by Gareth O'Callaghan on 4FM on Wednesday July 8th, 2009:.. Click on the images below to read the news:..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Business Benefit Videos
    Descriptive info: Do you want to see how V20:20 can help your business today?.. Click on a video below and start to grasp some of the benefits from employing a business expert to help your business grow.. Why does the market need V20:20.. If your business is challenged.. Raising Professional Advisors Standards.. Why Companies need a Trusted Business Advisor.. Why V20:20 partners with professional practices.. Book your Complimentary.. 90 minute Checkpoint Consultation.. today..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Book 90 min Consultation
    Descriptive info: Book 90 min Consultation.. Benefits for SMEs.. What would be the benefit to your business to spend 90 minutes with an industry specialist - Free of Charge?.. If you book this consultation, we will send you a link to an online questionnaire, with just 12 Questions.. In these tough economic times with sales falling and working capital tight people want solutions, because:.. You maybe experiencing Business Challenges and are ready to Grow or Turnaround your business.. You realise that a network of 60+ Industry Functional consultants might have the expertise you need right now.. You have tried the usual options, like Banks, Solicitors and Accountants and you now need practical business advice.. You want to work with people who have a track record of turning around and growing companies.. When you have a solid business, under control, with a good working plan credit is  ...   be done 7 days before meeting).. Step 3 Meeting is scheduled (Done once online is completed and accepted).. Step 4 Conduct meeting (90 minutes).. Step 5 V20:20 provide feedback (within 5 working days of meeting).. Step 6 Agree next steps for your business (within 5 days of feedback).. If you need more information email us.. consultant@v2020.. ie.. or fill in our.. contact form.. When you can start to focus your attention on the following 4 key result areas of your business, you could be amazed at how you fortunes will change.. Sales Marketing.. Grow Revenue and Leads.. Operations.. Stream line operations, processes and reduce costs.. Finance.. Ensure adequate cash-flow to meet all company activities.. Customer.. Experience.. Without delighted customers, the company can never flourish.. Since numbers are limited -.. Contact us today.. to get your link to the online checkpoint questionnaire and book your session..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Benefits for SMEs
    Descriptive info: Do you need a tactical plan to survive and keep trading?.. All the Irish Banks have stated that they will extend credit to companies that can clearly demonstrate either a survival plan or a growth plan- do you have one that you are confident about?.. V20:20 has over 75 experienced consultants to work with SME clients and their banks, where turnover exceeds 1million.. The immediate benefits apart from ensuring survival with adequate cash flow and breathing space from the bank to create a foundation of growth, are as follows:.. Improve owners return on equity, by optimizing process, reducing costs, increasing sales and thereby retaining jobs.. Uncover new ways  ...   processes.. Streamline operations creating higher productivity through better processes.. Allow management to focus on the core activities of the business, while areas under threat receive expert outside assistance.. Increase profits by reviewing your existing products and services and focusing your efforts entirely on those with the greatest return.. Improve credit rating and access to finance by improving cash flow and being in a position to present a strategic business plan.. Prevent future difficulties by identifying key performance indicators and monitoring them on a regular basis as an early warning signal to future issues.. Why not.. Business Management Consulting.. |.. Business Management Consultant.. Business Advisors.. Strategy Consulting.. Business Advisor..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Benefits to Partners - Assess Business Risk
    Descriptive info: What are the Key Benefits to Partnering with V20:20?.. Banks and Accountants are experts at assessing credit risk - What about Business Risk?.. With the centralised operations of V20:20 managing a team of over 75 Top Business Consultants, the Banks can be confident that their clients can survive the current economic crisis.. Cash flow trends can signal operating difficulties long before management or strategic advisors such as accountants will admit to a problem with a company.. By augmenting the financial management of the banks and accountants with specialist cost management and sales growth experts, more companies will have a chance to survive the current economic downturn.. What this really means  ...   the bank at negligible cost and clarifies the position of many amber clients, where determining their viability is beyond the business expertise of the bank business managers.. Improve credibility and standing with clients by a strategic focus on Supporting Businesses in current economic environment.. Increased Profits due to Loan Book profile and less clients failing, thus reducing future life-term relationships and profits.. Increase shareholder value, by underpinning the medium/longer-term viability of Business Lending.. Long term profit consolidation through an increased ability to cross/up-sell Financial Services Products to satisfied customers.. If you are interested in talking to v2020 about.. how your Bank could see these benefits immediately.. , please email us..

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  • Title: V2020 Business Consulting - Testimonials
    Descriptive info: Testimonials - Don't take our word for it!.. As we stated, we have a Network of 50+ Consultants accross the country - We re not going to replicate testimonials for all 50 the following is for just one!.. Advanced Sports Performance.. ASPIRE.. At Aspire, we found Peter's advice and counselling.. extremely helpful and effective.. He guided us with marketing advice and.. added direction to our ideas.. Peter helped with our confidence at the early stages with step by step achievable goals from which we picked up momentum.. Peter was also very effective in delivering motivational talks with our teams.. Joe Quinn, Advanced Sports Performance Ireland.. Amhanta:.. After number of years creating a product, that we know customers in Financial Services wanted, it was proving difficult to translating that effort of development and market research into a clear focused value proposition and message that customer's needed.. After a few months working with David Murray from 3R, we have moved our messaging forward and now have a.. clear value proposition, marketing plan and sales strategy.. More importantly we now have a growing pipeline of extremely well qualified prospects.. Brendan O'Gorman, MD, Amhanta.. Aquajet Ireland:.. As a start-up business I needed a marketing expert to help me focus my time and energy on actions that would bring results.. I felt that Peter had a real passion for my business, and as a result of his help, I feel confident that 2006 will be an excellent year for me.. -.. Mick Green, MD.. Aquatech: +40% revenue increase in 1 year!.. Peter's intervention at Aquatech was very timely.. We were a successful heating and supplies company, turning over more than 3million.. Peter identified a few areas for immediate improvement, specifically in relation to marketing, organisational structure and sales process.. 6 Months on, I am delighted to say that our revenues.. our up 40% year on Year.. B.. rian McCarthy, Aquatech Ireland,.. www.. aquatech.. usinesscale:.. Peter is a brilliant business coach who specialises in helping companies boost sales, while motivating them incredibly well.. He has helped us grow our business! -.. Johnny Dunne, CEO, Businesscale.. Central Law Training: how our sales and marketing assessment helped their business.. The customised report we received from 3R Sales Marketing, has really helped focus our minds on where we need to go, as we review our strategy.. Having an expert giving us an independent analysis of our operation, has provided us with a tool, which we will definitely use, as we continue to increase our business from an excellent performance in 2005.. -.. Caroline Conroy, MD.. CMS Ireland:.. Thank you for excellent thorough.. training on Internet Marketing.. , now I can optimise my website myself it costs me nothing! With your online marketing action plan, I can already see the benefits I am now on the way to 10+ online leads a day.. If you want the Internet to work for your business, it is vital to get.. the best training.. , 3R are the best, choosing 3R is a no brainer.. Daniel Collins, MD, CMS Ireland.. Computerjobs.. ie:.. Just to say how happy we were with your Audit of our sales process and systems.. It's always a good thing to get an outsiders view on how we do things but your knowledge of the overall sales process and where we were loosing some customers has proved invaluable.. If I come across any companies looking for a contract or interim sales manager/sales trainer, I will pass on your details.. Thanks again.. Niall Kelly, Director.. CostControl.. I would recommend 3R Success! Newsletter to all people actively involved in daily sales, as an interesting source of useful information, especially to help with sales and marketing campaigns creation.. Rex Coghlan, Director.. Creme Software:.. As a software company providing a solution to benefit the food and cosmetics industry, it can sometimes be difficult to reach the decision makers with the correct message.. Peter Lawless from 3R Sales and Marketing has been mentoring CREMe Software for 6 months and we now have some significant wins with both regulators and industry as well as a solid strategy for continued growth.. Cronan McNamara, CEO.. Dataduct Technologies:.. Peter helped us understand that there is more than one positive outcome to be had from a sales meeting.. Being focused on the prospect's needs may not lead to an immediate sale, but does lead to the prospect's respect and, of course, this leads to you being in an excellent position for future opportunities.. Keith Start, CEO.. DataPac:.. Sales coaching.. with Peter has helped me understand the benefit of having a.. clear value proposition.. and asking the business decision makers to express their pains and desires in a way that I can help them put a value on implementing our business solutions.. What this means is that.. sales cycles will be shorter.. and I will be able to.. earn more.. as a result.. In conclusion I found the  ...   Website Traffic.. Our clients are business owners who want to increase productivity and now thanks to 3R's.. Interactive workshop.. , when you type increase productivity' into Google we are number 3.. A great investment that has saved us tons of money and significantly reduced ongoing SEO and PPC fees that we would have had to pay an online marketing expert to manage our campaigns, that we can now do ourselves.. Muriel Molloy, Marketing Manager.. Olas IT:.. We asked for a Business Health Check for our business.. It was refreshing to receive such a professional report, that has helped us focus on our core business, and increase sales.. I would have no hesitation in recommending 3R to any company who wishes to increase leads and raise their revenues.. Louise Church, Co-Founder.. Pacelli Sports.. +3.. 0.. % increase.. in 6 months.. Peter provided coaching and sales management support along with a sales methodology to my team, that enabled a.. rapid increase in new customers by over 30 % in fewer than 6 months.. As we already have a successful business, this was a great boost, and a significant achievement for us, which we are very proud of.. Declan Duffy, Managing Director.. Palladium:.. We approached 3R to help us clarify our value proposition and sales approach.. 3R's insights into our customer's needs and pains helped us rapidly create a sound strategy.. This realigned focus, has led to significant business wins, in just a few months -.. Traoloch Collins, Director.. Phoenix Safety: +40% revenue increase in 6 months!.. Peter has proved to be an.. excellent mentor both to me personally and to P.. hoenix Safety.. During the last 6 months, our revenue has risen nearly 40 %.. Our overseas expansion plans are now well underway and I would have no hesitation in recommending Peter's services to any business that needs to grow their sales.. Sean Fennell, CEO.. PixAlert:.. Since taking the.. Online Marketing Workshop.. , 3R has become a valued partner in PixAlert's campaign to reach key decision makers in IT and HR who are faced with incidents of data privacy breaches or the distribution of inappropriate image content.. There is an understandable sensitivity around both of these risk areas which challenges the traditional outbound cold-calling model, so it's vitally important that companies who would benefit from our risk-mitigation software can find PixAlert rapidly on the web.. Working with 3R has also forced us to.. revisit the PixAlert value proposition.. and.. simplify our messaging to the market.. a process which.. 3R has facilitated very effectively.. Colm Doherty, CEO.. Richardson's Staff Recruitment:.. Well done Peter, your input definitely works.. I must say I am impressed, I got a very good response re your marketing strategies.. Whatever you do, it seems to work!.. Richard Hooper, Founder.. SalesJobs.. Peter is the.. no.. 1 public speaker.. in my books.. I would be delighted to have him do our next one and the next 10 if he is willing and available.. He has natural tone deportment, he is well-prepared and relaxed before the event and even more so during.. We had some hairy moments before with slides, music etc.. and whiles others would be running around and looking stressed, Peter knew that it doesn't really matter.. as long as content is good.. 100% thumbs up from me! -.. Nial Kelly.. Schivo Group:.. Peter really helped me out in my sales questioning techniques.. We did a lot of work in that area i.. e.. getting past no , asking open questions and of course asking direct questions in a structured way.. It worked out really well, and in fact has helped me considerably in getting to the latter stages of a multi million euro contract with one prospect.. (Fingers crossed!) -.. David Curtin, Sales and Marketing Manager.. Security Distributing and Marketing:.. Brilliant website with excellent information and advice.. I've subscribed to your 3R Success Newsletter and eagerly await its arrival.. For me, your site is like a mini marketing course - many thanks! -.. Bren Leetch.. Vox Generation.. +300.. Our Revenue is up 300% since.. we engaged 3R.. Their experience in Sales and Marketing.. has been invaluable to us as a high Technology Start-up Company.. We don't sell technology anymore, we now help customers increase revenues and reduce costs thanks to 3R's advice.. Simon Loopuit, CEO and Founder.. Peter has helped us tremendously as our part-time sales director.. The sales processes and procedures that Peter has established, means that it will be a lot easier for me to manage the sales and marketing function.. Michael Gadd, Commercial Director.. Wattle Grove:.. Your advice has given me the confidence to make important decisions that have made a significant difference to our company.. I always found your advice relevant, clear and insightful, and as a result our ambition to transform Wattle Grove from a small Service-based business to a large Product-based business is now well on track.. Martin Boers, MD..

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