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  • Title: Welcome - Van Der Wel Ltd - Cappagh Nurseries & Garden Centre
    Descriptive info: .. Van Der Wel Ltd.. Cappagh Nurseries.. Aughrim.. Co.. Wicklow.. Tel: 0402-36595.. Fax: 0402-36506.. Email: mail@vanderwel.. ie.. Hours of Business.. Mon - Sat 9am - 5pm.. Closed Sundays Bank Holidays.. Welcome to.. VAN DER WEL LTD.. Cappagh Nurseries Garden Centre.. We are a family run Nursery / Garden Centre , growing and.. supplying a wide range of  ...   of.. plant, garden and landscape sundries.. on a Cash Carry Self Service basis from our.. Garden Sales Centre at Tinakilly,.. just outside the award winning village of Aughrim.. in the Garden County of Ireland.. Home.. |.. About Us.. Plants.. Sundries.. How to Purchase.. Planting Tips.. Location.. News.. Contact.. Pricelist.. Allotments.. 2008, Van Der Wel Ltd.. top of page..

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  • Title: About Us - Van Der Wel Ltd - Supply a wide range of plants to the retail and wholesale market
    Descriptive info: We started to grow forest and hedging plants in the townland of.. Cappagh about 4km to the west of Aughrim village in 1967 where.. we still grow plants to date.. In 1990 we acquired land at Tinnakilly, just outside the village of.. Aughrim on the main road to Dublin, where we further developed our.. nursery and sales outlet.. We now supply  ...   well as a range of Sundries.. We have a wide spectrum of customers, such as:.. Private householders.. Farmers, Foresters and other Landowners / Managers.. Landscapers.. Golf Courses and Clubs.. Tidy Towns and Residents' Associations.. Building Contractors / Developers.. Local Authorities, Government Bodies and NGOs.. Nurseries and Garden Centres.. We are still a small family business working with dedicated.. family and staff..

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  • Title: Plants - Van Der Wel Ltd - Hedging & Screening Plants, Ornamental & Native Trees
    Descriptive info: We are particularly well known for our.. Hedging & Screening Plants.. and.. Ornamental Native Trees.. , which we mostly supply as bare-rooted plants.. (i.. e.. direct from the ground) during the dormant season (November - April).. Types of plant material we supply, including many unusual / rare items:.. - Hedging and Screening.. Bare-root and Container grown.. Trees.. - Ornamental and Native, in a wide range of varieties and sizes.. Shrubs.. - A wide range, incl.. Heathers, Climbing Groundcover.. plants, Roses etc.. Conifers.. dwarf large growing.. Container grown, Rootballed and Bare-root..  ...   Seeds, Bedding.. Vegetable Plants,.. when in season.. Container grown where appropriate.. Bare-root(BR) and Root-balled(RB) plants are available November - April and need to be pre-ordered - see How To Purchase.. We issue a.. Price List.. usually around October for (mostly) Bare-root / Root-balled plants we can offer for the season.. Please call in and browse around our Garden Centre, or contact us about your requirements.. We can advise on suitability and particulars of plants or goods we offer for sale and we will assist with packaging and loading of goods..

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  • Title: Sundries - Van Der Wel Ltd - Range of sundry goods
    Descriptive info: We carry a.. range of sundry goods.. of interest to any gardener or.. anyone planting trees, shrubs, etc.. or looking after plants.. A large range of plant.. Containers.. including ceramic pots and oak barrels as well as plastic pots and containers, including some which can be used for water features.. Compost.. from a number of suppliers and of various types, such as John Innes, Seed and Potting, Brown Gold, Tree and Shrub, various Multi Purpose composts including Organic Gold and Peat Free compost, Grow Bags  ...   as a weed control barrier when planting, bags of.. Bark Mulch.. Decorative Chippings / Stones.. Tree support.. Stakes.. Tying Materials,.. various types of.. Trellis.. Bamboo Canes, Windbreak.. Plant Support Netting.. Weed.. Pest Control.. chemicals.. Protection materials such as.. Windbreak - Bird Netting, Fleece.. Spiral Guards.. A range of.. Plant Fertilisers.. and growth promoters.. Also Lawn Food.. Wild Birds Foods.. Feeders and Nest boxes.. Planting Tools.. and a basic range of hand tools and various other sundries.. Gift Vouchers,.. always a welcome present, no time limit..

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  • Title: How To Purchase - Van Der Wel Ltd - Purchasing information
    Descriptive info: How To Purchase.. We operate on a Cash and Carry, Self Service basis from our Garden / Sales Centre at Tinakilly.. All necessary assistance will be given with packaging and loading as required.. TO PURCHASE:.. Call into our Garden Centre and select your.. and/or.. from our well stocked displays.. Most of our plants available in the Garden Centre are container grown (CG) for.. all year-round.. planting and a good selection of bare-root (BR) and root-balled (RB) trees and conifers from November - May.. Certain items might not be available until later in the season.. Please check.. A great selection of bare-root  ...   5 working days in advance of collection in order for you to get well lifted / graded plants.. Bare-root plants up to 1.. 5m tall can be sent by courier or An Post at buyer's cost (pre-paid).. Contact us if you are looking for large quantities of any particular item(s) or item(s) not listed, as we may be able to source quote for same.. Payment can be made by.. Cash, Cheque and all major Debit / Credit Cards.. Conditions of sale etc.. please apply or see our Price List.. You may contact us, place order by.. Email:.. mail@vanderwel.. Fax: 0402-36506.. Phone: 0402-36595..

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  • Title: Planting Tips - Van Der Wel Ltd - Notes on plant handling, planting and aftercare
    Descriptive info: SOME NOTES ON PLANT HANDLING, PLANTING AND AFTERCARE.. Bare rooted plants (plants dug up in the nursery without any soil on the roots).. should be planted during the dormant season (November - April).. The roots of BARE ROOTED plants should be kept moist as much as possible.. from time of digging-up until planting - KEEP ROOTS COVERED AT ALL TIMES.. When you get bare rooted plants they should planted ASAP either directly in their permanent position or temporarily close together in some moist soil or compost (called heeling in or trenching in) to be taken up and.. planted in their permanent position at a later date.. In dry conditions or if roots appear to have dried out, submerge roots in.. water for some time (from a minute to some hours at most), before planting.. Prepare planting site in advance by removing/killing existing vegetation (incl.. the roots), particularly perennial growth such as grasses, briars, nettles etc.. by mechanical or chemical means.. With few exceptions all plants do best in well-drained soil.. For additional drainage plant on raised mound of soil if necessary.. Depending on the soil quality/condition additional Compost, Farm Yard Manure or other material mixed in with the  ...   plant roots - repeat up to or a little over surrounding ground level.. Plant no deeper than soil mark showing on plant.. Firm soil down well to prevent wind-rocking, repeat if necessary.. Trees requiring staking for stability should be planted after driving the stake.. off-centre in the prepared planting hole on the windward side.. If soil is dry when planting and no rain is imminent, drench with water.. If conditions after planting continue very dry (particularly in Spring).. water thoroughly at intervals.. Some plants will benefit from some pruning immediately before or after planting such as tops of hedging plants and branches of trees.. to improve establishment and shape/appearance of plants.. Prevent competing vegetation around base of newly planted plants, particularly with hedging plants and shrubs but also all other plants for the first 2-3 years or more.. This can be done manually or with chemicals or preferably by.. mulching with anti-weed matting covered with bark mulch or chippings.. To get plants growing well some type of fertiliser, applied at the right dose, will be very helpful.. The best time to feed plants would be.. when growth is about to start in the spring and at intervals thereafter..

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  • Title: Location - Van Der Wel Ltd - How to get to us
    Descriptive info: How To Get To Us.. The Garden Centre is situated at Tinakilly just outside the village of.. on the Rathdrum - Dublin road.. From.. Dublin.. take the N11 as far as Wicklow-Rathnew exit, from Rathnew.. take the road for Glenealy-Rathdrum-Aughrim.. Wexford.. go via Arklow-Woodenbridge-Aughrim, turn right into village.. for Rathdrum-Dublin.. Carlow.. travel via (Kiltegan-Hacketstown.. or.. Tullow-Shillealagh).. -Tinahely- Aughrim, turn left into village for Rathdrum-Dublin.. Kildare (Midlands).. as from Carlow.. via Wicklow Gap-Glendalough-Rathdrum-Aughrim.. via Glen of Imaal-Rathdangan-Aughrim..

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  • Title: News - Van Der Wel Ltd - News from Cappagh Nurseries & Garden Centre
    Descriptive info: News from Cappagh Nurseries & Garden Centre.. DATE:.. 22nd OCTOBER.. 2012.. 45.. years in business.. Welcome to VAN DER WEL LTD, a family business established since 1967.. WELL WORTH A VISIT !.. Lets get gardening in 2012.. Autumn time is ideal planting time!.. Get planning for planting.. Fail to plan and you plan to fail.. No gimmicks just lots of top quality plants and excellent prices in a lovely location.. We carry an outstanding range of plants.. From the basic to the most unusual.. ****************************.. Any.. advice.. you need regarding what and where to plant now or for the autumn season we will help and advise as best we can.. Family and staff members are all very keen gardeners.. We can do our best to source plants if we do not have the variety you are looking for in stock.. Thank you to all our customers for your business.. It is greatly appreciated.. DEAL OF THE DAY.. Red Oaks 5.. 95 each.. Top soil.. 3 x 35L bags for.. 15.. Farm Yard Manure.. 3 bags for.. 12.. *******************.. Multipurpose compost.. 110L 3 bags for.. 18.. ********************.. GARDEN CENTRE DAILY NEWS.. Nice calm dry day here today.. The autumn colours are amazing.. Worth a visit to see the colours trees can turn in the autumn.. You can get ideas for your garden.. We are here to help and advise you on what and when to plant.. Busy putting together our Bare rooted - field grown plant pricelist which should be available to download any day now! Best value ever!!!!.. Great offers this year on all bare rooted plants, for small quantities as well as larger orders.. Our first collection of.. rare and unusual plants.. of the season available now!!!!! It is always very exciting when there are new and unusual plants  ...   45 years.. WE POT UP YOUR OLD POTS FOR AROUND THE GARDEN OR FOR BLESSINGS OF THE GRAVES.. GREAT VALUE WITH LOTS OF COLOUR.. Some great deals on potted hedging plants, native and more ornamental varieties available.. Getting lots of compliments about all the great new stock and the great quality and value.. Thank you, we appreciate all your comments, it makes all the hard work worth it.. Busy weeding.. The weeds grow so freely, full time job hand weeding all the container stock.. *****************************************.. * Allotments.. available.. Go to our Allotment news page for more information.. Any advice you need we as always do our best to help.. Email any enquiries if you cannot call to the centre.. Just fill in the contact form on our web site and we will get back to you then.. We grow and supply a large range of Trees , Shrubs and Hedging plants.. We also supply a great selection of Fruit trees and Bushes, Perennials, Herbs, Vegetables, Bamboo, Climbers, Unusual shrubs ,Alpines, Seeds,Bulbs ,Aquatics etc.. We also stock a good range of garden related sundries.. MAIL@VANDERWEL.. IE.. All emails replied to asap.. Great Value in Bamboo Canes.. *********************************************.. Our well seasoned.. firewood blocks.. ,.. either @.. 3.. 00.. , or loose lots.. of approx.. 1cubic metre @.. 75.. 00.. (bring a trailer).. *******************************************************************************.. NEW STOCK.. SPRING FLOWERING BULBS.. Winter onions, garlic and shallots.. Also lots of environmentally safe slug control products available.. ROSES Bush, Ground cover, Shrub and.. Climbers/Ramblers.. Also David Austin Roses.. VEGETABLE AND FLOWER SEEDS.. BEDDING PLANTS.. Wooden Oak Barrells.. GREEN MANURE seeds.. Felco secateurs.. ALPINES 2.. 50 each Large selection.. Discounts on Potted Hedging.. Plants compliant with.. AEOS.. REP.. S.. schemes also available.. (Excluding Listed Apple varieties ).. Many.. special offers.. on ground cover shrubs and container grown hedging..

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  • Title: Contact - Van Der Wel Ltd - Send a message
    Descriptive info: Enter Name, Email Address and/or Phone Number and Message.. Click SEND.. Name:.. Email:.. Phone:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Price List - Van Der Wel Ltd - Download Price List
    Descriptive info: Click on the link below to open / download price list in Adobe PDF format.. Retail Price List October 2012.. The price list file needs the freely available Adobe Reader, the current version of which can be downloaded and installed by clicking the link below.. Adobe Reader Download..

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  • Title: Allotments - Van Der Wel Ltd - Allotments at Cappagh Nurseries & Garden Centre
    Descriptive info: ALLOTMENTS.. ALLOTMENTS AVAILABLE.. IN THE FOLLOWING SIZES.. 50 square metres ( 5m x 10m) @ 175.. 00 / 11 months ( 3.. 50 / Msq.. ).. 100 square metres ( 10m x 10m) @ 250.. 00 / 11 months ( 2.. 150 square metres ( 15m x 10m ) @ 350.. 33 / Msq.. 200 square metres ( 20mx10m ) @ 425.. 13 / Msq.. ALLOTMENT NEWS.. OCTOBER 2012.. Any advice needed regarding planting and what needs doing now ,we will advise you as best we can.. Winter onion sets, shallots and Garlic now in stock.. It has been a very bad summer as regards all the rain, lack of sunshine and the  ...   shop, seeds, plants etc.. Enjoy!.. Anyone interested in an allotment please call to discuss price etc.. The allotment has ample.. car parking.. on site, convenient to the Allotments.. Toilet facilities.. available on site as well as a basic shelter.. The allotments are.. south facing.. on gently sloping ground with free draining, easily worked soil and panoramic views of the surrounding countryside.. Easy access.. on foot or by car from a quite secondary road within walking distance of Aughrim village.. Our.. Garden Centre shop.. is located conveniently to the allotment site , where a lot of your requirements will be available and where we can give.. advice and.. guidance.. , should you need it..

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