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  • Title: Vehicle Techniques - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Systems Design.. Consulting Engineering.. Vehicle Assessing.. Contact Us.. Welcome.. Vehicle Techniques is a company based in Ireland, who provide testing, assessment and technical reporting services for powered vehicles on land, sea and air.. In our systems design area, we develop and enhance production, logistical and administration systems used by companies to help achieve higher efficiency levels and to reduce costs.. Our engineering consultancy services are utilised by designers, manufacturers, distributors and retailers to ensure that their product meets or exceeds customers expectations and complies with the legal and technical rules and regulations laid down for the product.. Our consulting and assessing expertise is also used by customers to enhance their product knowledge and to assist them in obtaining the maximum benefit and utilisation from the product they have acquired.. Picture the following situations.. You manage six busy motor garages in the London area.. You own and manage six busy motor garages in the London area.. You are making a profit but you are not sure if the business is running at its maximum efficiency.. You are sure your profit margin could be better.. What can you do?.. You run a fleet of heavy trucks in the Australian outback.. You recently replaced some of the fleet with the newest model available.. The vehicles have  ...   growing manufacturing business.. You have spent many years working hard to grow the company.. Through your efforts the business has developed from very small beginnings and now employs 16 people.. You have an extremely busy schedule each week working in and managing the company.. You would love to try and expand further but lack the time.. You also feel the next step in the expansion process is technically too difficult to achieve.. You have heard that a business analyst could help you but where could you find a suitable person or company?.. You are buying a boat in the UK to bring to Ireland.. You are in the process of buying a boat, car or small aeroplane in the UK and will be taking it back to your home in Ireland.. The dealer you are purchasing it from is providing you with a guarantee and has told you it has never been damaged.. How can you be sure? You would like to have a pre-purchase inspection carried out on the unit.. The answer in each case is to contact Vehicle Techniques, your local provider of global knowledge solutions.. Feel free to contact us to discuss any technical project or technical difficulty we may assist you with.. © Copyright Vehicle Techniques.. Web Design by.. Website Dublin..

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  • Title: Vehicle Techniques - Systems Design
    Descriptive info: If you manufacture, distribute, repair or display products in a sales environment Vehicle Techniques can help you.. Our business analysts can examine and interrogate your business practices down to minute levels to form a comprehensive analysis of its operating systems and standards.. This examination and analysis includes both your internal operating procedures and processes and your companies external interface.. Your operating platform  ...   which are re-worked especially to suit your particular organisation.. The examination and re-design is carried out in a non intrusive manner.. The resulting high efficiency platform is then implemented to form a design which imparts to your business a true, high efficiency operating platform.. The positive results from such a re-design can be astounding both from a financial and human resource perspective..

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  • Title: Vehicle Techniques - Consulting Engineering
    Descriptive info: At Vehicle Techniques our engineers are experts in the motor vehicle, aviation and marine engineering areas.. Because of our diverse engineering backgrounds we provide consultancy services in the following specialised areas, Motor cars, vans, trucks, heavy commercial vehicles, trailers, specialised on-road and off- road machinery and equipment, cranes, building equipment, farm and quarry machinery.. In short, if it is powered by an engine, we can help you.. We also provide consultancy services to owners and prospective owners of single and  ...   up to 100 tonnes.. Our skills are also used in the highly specialised race engineering arena where we assist team owners and technicians involved in the world of 2 and 4 wheel motorsport.. We are equally at home in the race, rally car or racing motorcycle environment.. Because of our varied motor racing background we understand the highly nomadic and time critical nature of the business.. Our race engineers are available on a 24/7 basis in any country on any continent..

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  • Title: Vehicle Techniques - Vehicle Assessing
    Descriptive info: Vehicle Techniques can carry out a damage or engineering assessment on any motor vehicle whether it is a motor cycle, car, truck, bus or machine of any type provided it is powered by an engine.. Our services include but are not limited to, pre purchase inspections, damage assessment, technical inspections, problem analysis, forensic  ...   assessment.. Our endeavours in this area are utilised by both private individuals and companies.. We also act as arbitrators and negotiators in cases where a company or individual encounters operational difficulty or recurring failure with a vehicle or machine.. In all assessing cases we can act for the seller or the end user..

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