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  • Title: Waiting Room
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Magazines.. Advertise.. Testimonials.. Production.. Back Issues.. Competitions.. Shop.. Subscribe.. Contact us.. Features.. Health.. Lifestyle.. Parenting.. Food.. Interview.. Sweet Tooth.. Both Type I and Type II Diabetes are becoming ever more common due to our.. ‘Hot’ Gossip.. It may seem strange that in societies that hold extreme thinness up as a fashion ideal,.. Little Big Cats.. The Arabian Leopard, smallest and rarest of all leopards, is on the critically endangered list.. Eat to Beat the Menopause.. Your body may be changing, but your life doesn’t have to.. The menopause is associated.. Cold Comfort.. Dr Declan Fox, who has worked extensively in Canada, talks about rrrrrrreal cold, tales of.. FEATURES.. Autumn Issue.. August 18, 2011,.. No Comments.. The Autumn edition explores Child Beauty Pageants, why we feel pain and Cambodia by Motorbike!.. Ask the Expert.. February 4, 2011,.. December 7, 2010,.. HEALTH.. April 11, 2011,.. Comments Off.. February 9, 2011,.. PARENTING.. Bullying.. August 1, 2010,.. The very word is ugly.. Tormenting the weak, the defenceless, the vulnerable, the different, the.. Good Morning?.. The Milky Bra Kid.. July 24, 2010,.. Getting Kids to Sleep using a Bedtime Routine.. March 16, 2010,.. Media.. prev.. next.. Find us on Facebook..  ...   my female co-patients didn’t seem to be overly interested.. Listlessly, I flicked through a few; what else can you do in a GP’s waiting room? The only non-fashion glossies were, a cookery magazine, a dog-eared fishing magazine and one on gardening but, as I am not a cook, and I neither garden nor fish, that occupied all of five minutes.. I sat back, closed my eyes (which were paining me anyway) and considered.. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a general magazine was what was needed, a one-size-fits-all publication that had content for men, women and children, of all ages and interests.. That was obvious, and it only needed a small bit of content for as many categories as possible, enough to occupy each sector for the 15/20 minutes that they waited.. Variety had to be the keyword.. That, too, was a no-brainer.. Recent Posts.. The Fats of Life.. Archives.. August 2011.. April 2011.. February 2011.. December 2010.. November 2010.. October 2010.. August 2010.. July 2010.. May 2010.. April 2010.. March 2010.. August 2009.. Copyright © 2011 - The Waiting Room Magazine.. All rights reserved.. Design by Block 5 Design.. Back to Top..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Magazines
    Descriptive info: NOW ONLINE!.. Flick through your favourite issues by simply clicking on the cover!.. Winter 2011 issue, out on 3rd November, is available to all medical waiting areas in Ireland.. To furnish your waiting room with The Waiting Room Magazine, completely free of charge, simply contact our distribution team on 091 638205.. The idea for.. The Waiting Room Magazine.. was born out of the realisation that there was not even a single magazine that was of interest to me on my GP’s waiting-room table.. It didn’t take a rocket scientist to figure out that a.. general.. magazine was what was needed, a one-size-fits-all publication that had content for men, women and children, of all ages and interests.. No-brainer number three was that there was no point in putting in one single copy in a room with fifteen people.. There had to be enough for anyone who wanted to read, but didn’t fancy a tatty out-of-date copy, of a magazine, no matter how well-known it was.. Glamour glossies ceased to be glamour glossies when they became grubby tatties.. But if multiple copies were put into a waiting room, they might accumulate, making clinic staff very annoyed, so it would be best to make the  ...   doctors pay to change to another system?.. So how would it be funded? Who might stand to benefit from having 100,000 people.. (the number of people that go through Ireland’s health system every day, though I didn’t know that then).. reading a magazine? That, too, was easy to figure out.. Every reader would be sick, or with someone who was sick – why else would they be waiting to see the doctor? So those who stood to gain were those who traded in products and services to sick people, i.. e.. , the health industry.. The more I thought about it, the better it sounded.. The advantages to the health industry were many:.. • There would be minimal wastage in their advertising budgets as they could target ONLY those people who had a very high probability of needing their products and services;.. • They would reach a different 100,000 every day as few people end up in medical waiting rooms on consecutive days;.. • Large numbers of the 100,000 people per day would be headed to pharmacies to purchase medical products within minutes of leaving the doctor’s, and therefore within minutes of reading their advertisements.. At that point my name was called..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Advertise
    Descriptive info: The Waiting Room.. is a glossy, family magazine designed specifically for waiting patients, and places your business before 84,000 potential readers.. EVERY DAY.. for.. 3 MONTHS.. Over 16m GP visits each year in Ireland.. is an innovative concept that guarantees access to a mass market of health-concerned consumers by supplying multiple copies,.. free of charge.. , to GP clinics and hospitals, nationwide.. The Waiting Room Magazine offers outstanding features:.. ABC audited  ...   and private clinics.. Over 84,000 potential readers, each day for 3 months.. Captive audience that are looking for something to read.. Access to a mass market of health-concerned consumers.. Readers seek health products or services on leaving the clinic.. Research has shown that 80% of waiting room readers.. act on advertising or editorial they read.. Discover More.. For more information call Helen on 091 638205 or email helen@waitingroom.. ie.. 83,002.. (Jul-Dec 2010)..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Testimonials
    Descriptive info: What you think.. From the clinics.. We really appreciate the free medical magazine.. It has very interesting articles.. and our patients enjoy reading it while they wait.. Kerry Naismith, Clinical Nurse Manager,.. The Well at Beacon Consultants Clinic, Sandyford.. With its attractive presentation, relevant, clear photos and use of everyday language our patients and visitors enjoy picking up the Waiting Room to browse through it.. The demand for the magazine has been high, since its introduction to the Mater in 2010.. I have been personally impressed by the quality and relevance of the content for its target readership.. I would venture to say that we welcome this initiative on behalf of our patients and visitors.. Continued success!.. Nuala King, Patient Services Manager,.. Mater Misericordiae University Hospital.. We introduced the Waiting Room Magazine in 2010 to our hospital, the feedback is positive as it is a professional publication with interesting  ...   Ennis, Co Clare.. From our advertisers.. As a result of the article in The Waiting Room Magazine a group of masters students from DCU contacted me and came along to do a 10 minute documentary on me.. I m looking forward to see their take on Helena Chocolates as they were very professional in their whole approach.. Thanks to you this came off and again my sincere thanks to you.. Dirk Schonkeren, Master Chocolatier,.. Helena Chocolates.. From the readers.. I visited a GP practice last week and found the magazine a great read! Good variety of articles taht kept me engaged during my wait, and I brought the magazine home, too.. I thought the child vaccination tracker service from irishhealth.. com is very handy you could put that in every issue.. I would like to wish all the team the very best of success with future editions.. Grainne Black, Drogheda..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Production
    Descriptive info: 2011 Production Schedule.. Spring Issue: February.. Reservation Deadline 14 January | Copy Deadline 16 January.. Summer Issue: May.. Reservation Deadline 14 April | Copy Deadline 16 April.. Autumn Issue: August.. Reservation Deadline 14 July | Copy Deadline 16 July.. Winter Issue: November.. Reservation Deadline 14 October | Copy Deadline 16 October.. S.. pecifications.. Double page.. (width x height).. Bleed 426mm x 303mm | Trim 420mm x 297mm | Type Area 405mm x 282mm.. Full page.. Bleed 216mm x 303mm |Trim 210mm x 297mm | Type Area 195mm x 282mm.. Half page.. Horizontal 200mm x 141mm | Vertical 97.. 5mm x 287mm.. Quarter page.. 97.. 5mm  ...   All images contained within the PDF must be 300dpi.. • All Pantone colours and RGB images must be converted to CMYK.. No colour management, ICC Profiles, Lab Colours, Screen Ruling or Dot structure should be embedded within the PDF.. • PDF files should only contain Adobe type 1 fonts, these must be embedded and subset.. • Whilst every effort is made to ensure that all advertisements are reproduced to the highest standard, The Waiting Room Magazine will not accept responsibility for the reproduction of advertisements that have been supplied without a specified proof or when the data (PDF) has not been supplied to our specification..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Back Issues
    Descriptive info: Open publication.. Free.. publishing.. More entertainment.. More lifestyle.. More competitions..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Competitions
    Descriptive info: Once you have registered on.. The Waiting Room Magazine.. website you can enter our competitions absolutely free!.. WIN a pair of SpringBoost Performance Footwear –.. click here.. WIN two nights in The Station House Hotel in Clifden, Co Galway –..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Shop
    Descriptive info: Tart With No Hair Is A Ride.. (7).. Cryptic Crosswords Demystified, Simplified and Explained.. in his.. NEW BOOK.. by Phoenix Magazine’s ‘Procrustes’.. Just.. €7.. 99.. each or.. SAVE €1.. multiple copies at.. €6.. each.. Written by Maurice O’Scanaill, one of Ireland’s leading cryptic compilers,.. takes an easy, step-by-step approach to explaining how cryptic clues work, with lively examples throughout.. In addition to the easy-to-follow explanatory section, the book contains thirty cryptic puzzles, all adapted from the author’s ‘Procrustes’ series for Phoenix Magazine.. The first ten contain a unique teaching set of ‘marked’ clues, designed to  ...   with the answers, detailed explanations of how each answer is arrived at.. The ideal gift for anyone.. who enjoys crosswords.. “Always witty and never impenetrably obscure, Procrustes has become a firm and established favourite at Phoenix Magazine with aficionados of the cryptic clue.. With this book, in his trademark quirky style, Procrustes explains the inner workings of cryptic clues and provides the keys to a most enjoyable mental gym.. ”.. Phoenix Magazine.. Quantity.. Order 1 book €7.. 99.. Order 2 books €13.. 98.. Order 3 books €20.. 97.. Book out 1st December.. Pre-order yours today..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Subscribe
    Descriptive info: Would you like to receive copies of the The Waiting Room Magazine?.. READERS!.. Save yourself the trip to the doctor s – you can now subscribe to The Waiting Room Magazine!.. For just €12 a year (free delivery), you can have your copy delivered directly to your door, each quarter.. click here for more.. BUSINESSES!.. Furnish your waiting room with The Waiting Room Magazine!.. This is a free service so why not? Simply email your name, address.. and contact telephone number to subscribe@waitingroom.. or call our distribution team on 091 638205..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Contact us
    Descriptive info: Helen Gunning.. – Managing Director.. +353 (0)91 638 205 | helen@waitingroom.. Alex Xuereb.. – Advertising Manager.. +353 (0)87 758 1923 | alex@waitingroom.. Maurice O Scanaill.. – Editor.. +353 (0)87 120 2486 | maurice@waitingroom.. Email sent!.. Name.. (required).. Please enter a name.. Email.. Please enter a valid email address.. Your Message.. Please enter a message..

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  • Title: Waiting Room – Features
    Descriptive info: Features.. admin.. August 18, 2011.. 0.. The Autumn edition explores Child Beauty Pageants, why we feel pain and Cambodia by Motorbike! Enjoy! Open publication Free publishing More entertainment.. Read More.. Helen.. February 4, 2011.. Dr Nina Byrnes, medical consultant to Hidden Hearing, answers your questions My mother is 74 and her hearing is deteriorating.. It’s causing problems for the whole family.. What should we do? Frank, Donegal Hearing loss.. Editor and wildlife vet, Maurice O’Scanaill, tells his tale! The thump of the helicopter sinking onto the floor of.. December 7, 2010.. The menopause is associated with reduced functioning of the ovaries, resulting in lower levels of oestrogen being produced.. It is not an illness.. Dr Declan Fox, who has worked extensively in Canada, talks about rrrrrrreal cold, tales of every day life in the Arctic.. Nanook says NO to NAMA.. Fed up with crashing western eco-nomies, toxic bank.. Raw Hide.. November  ...   not all imaginary, or [people] seeing too much in some natural phenomenon.. Something is really flying around.. ’ United States Air Force.. 11.. 45pm, September, early 70s The light over Black Head.. Messrs Burke and Hare.. In those days, nobody donated their bodies to science and anatomy schools had to rely on the gallows.. The first third of the 19th Century was tough for medical schools in the United Kingdom,.. Gizmos with Silver Linings.. Pensions under threat, savings shrivelled, swingeing cut-backs in health services – these are extremely worrying times for everyone, not least the elderly.. We may no longer have the distracting buzz of family rushing through.. Smoke and Mirrors.. October 29, 2010.. Just what kind of industry can sustain damages of $246 bn and continue to prosper? (That’s like 8 to 10 times the Anglo-Irish Bank losses that threaten to, and may yet, bankrupt Ireland).. That.. 1.. 2.. 3..

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