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  • Title: Insulation Contractors | Cavity wall Insulation | Rockwool, Attic & Home Insulation
    Descriptive info: .. About.. Contact Us.. Datasheets.. FAQ.. Tel:.. 090 648 9804.. Email:.. info@warmncosyhomes.. ie.. Ballybrogan, Lecarrow, Co.. Roscommon.. SEAI Contractor ID 12234.. Home.. New Build Services.. Existing Build Services.. Products.. Cavity Wall Products.. Attic Insulation Products.. Mineral Wool Products.. External Insulation.. Benefits.. SEAI Grants.. BER Certification.. Our Partners.. Supernova Silver is one of the leading cavity wall insulation beads on.. offer.. Rockwool provides a four-in-one insulation solution, high grade thermal.. insulation.. Knauf Insulation wool made with ECOSE Technology offers superior.. handling.. ESD Insulation is the easiest way to thermally upgrade home.. When building a new home, the biggest decision you will make will be determining the level of insulation you will require.. More.. A reduction in fuel can generate savings of nearly 25%.. Many Irish houses, particularly those built before 1980, are very wasteful of energy.. SEAI Insulation  ...   out of County Roscommon, close to Athlone, we re perfectly positioned to offer a great and personal service to our clients, you the home owner.. We offer only high-performance bead insulation products, delivered and installed in a professional manner.. We take great care on-site to create the minimum of fuss and intrusion, and leave your house looking just like we found it, except, with it now insulated to a high standard.. Insulation Contractors.. Looking for professional insulation contractors that won t cost the earth? Then you ve come to the right place, as here at Warm n Cosy we believe in providing customers with high quality services without having to pay extortionate costs.. We are the insulation contractors of choice for scores of satisfied contractors who want quality yet affordable insulation and installation.. Read More.. Follow Us..

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  • Title: Bonded Bead and Rockwool Insulation - Co. Roscommon - About Warmncosyhomes Ltd | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Warm n Cosy Homes was established in response to the growing need for energy efficient homes in Ireland.. We started out with the idea that a quality product, delivered professionally into the market at a keen price is a big win for the customer.. We believe that our service and professionalism is second to non, with the wealth of experience in the company.. Warm n Cosy office is easy to find.. We are located on the N61 half way between Athlone and Roscommon towns..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Insulating your home can be a big decision when you re on a tight budget.. Warm n Cosy are aware of that and offer cost-effective solutions.. We d love to hear from you we believe you ll be impressed.. Name:.. Telephone:.. Message:..

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  • Title: Datasheets | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Products we use achieve compliance under Part L 2008 Building Regulations and BER (buildings energy rating).. We stand over all our products and ensure the best performance materials are used by our installation team.. Select from our datasheets by clicking on the PDF image across.. Supernova Silver.. Complete details of product performance and Engineering specifications.. Rockwool Rockprime.. Knauf Insulation..

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  • Title: FAQ | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Q.. Why should I insulate?.. A.. The main benefits of insulating your home are reducing heat loss and saving money on your heating bills.. Insulation will also provide a more comfortable climate for your home, by acting as a buffer between the cold damp weather on the exterior and the warm dry environment inside your home.. What are the current requirements for Attic Insulation?.. Building Regulations require a U-Value of 16 in the attic.. This is achieved installing 270 millimeters of RockWool.. I have about 4 inches of fibreglass already in the attic.. Can this be topped up?.. Yes.. The mineral wool can be blown in on top of the existing insulation to an overall depth of 300 millimeters or more.. How long does the process take?.. The average attic can be completed in less than 2 hours.. Is there any mess?.. No.. Your house will be left exactly as we find it except warmer.. Bead Insulation FAQ.. Why should I buy wall insulation?.. According to independent government figures and Which? magazine your heating bills can reduce by as much as 25%, (up to 33% in detached houses and bungalows).. In addition to a warmer home and lower fuel bills are there other benefits?.. Many householders suffer  ...   into the wall and I am getting a complete job carried out?.. Beads cannot be compressed into small bales to take up less space or fluffed up to take up more space.. If you lift a bean bag off the floor all the beads rest on the bottom portion of the bag (without gaps) and the top of the bag will be completely empty.. Exactly the same occurs in a cavity.. If not enough material is injected into the wall the top of the cavity will be completely devoid of bead.. Because you are not compressing the material within the cavity, do you need to drill as many holes as other systems where a given density must be achieved in situ?.. Much fewer holes are required.. We drill mainly at the top of the area we wish to fill plus under windows.. In a typical gable wall, only about half the number of holes are required to blow bonded bead as with other systems.. What does a U value measure?.. The rate of heat flow through a building element.. How do you improve the u value of a wall/roof/floor?.. By using better grade (lower conductivity) material and greater thickness of material (150mm as opposed 100mm filled cavity)..

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  • Title: Cavity Wall Insulation - Bonded Bead Insulation - Co. Roscommon | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Here at Warm n’ Cosy, we advise a 150mm cavity width fully filled with Supernova Silver Bonded Bead giving a u Value of 0.. 20W/m2K, a significant improvement over the required u Value of 0.. 27W/m2K..

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  • Title: Bonded Bead Insulation for existing concrete houses - Co. Roscommon | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: Many Irish houses, particularly those built before 1980, are very wasteful of energy, having little or no cavity wall insulation.. By retro-filling your cavity walls with Supernova Silver, energy savings through a reduction in fuel and electricity bills of typically 25% can be achieved.. This will result in a payback time of between four and six years.. The installation process is quite simple.. There are a series of 22mm holes (about the size  ...   through the injection holes.. As Supernova Silver, passes through the injection nozzle, they are coated with adhesive which allow the beads to flow easily before bonding together forming a solid Insulation mass within the cavity.. On completion the holes are filled with cement and a dye is used where necessary.. It may be necessary to carry out a boroscope test where it is uncertain as to the existence of cavity wall or cavity block..

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  • Title: Products | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: External Insulation Products..

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  • Title: Bonded Bead Insulation for existing concrete houses - Co. Roscommon | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: is one of the leading cavity wall insulation beads on offer.. Supernova Silver has a constant density that produces a natural matrix between the beads which in turn creates a drainage passage.. Supernova Silver resists the effect of gravity and does not settle ensuring that these qualities are maintained.. Supernova Silver uses a durable adhesive to bind the  ...   Silver is 0.. 033Wm2k.. Supernova Silver maintains all of the characteristics of Supernova Silver but with an increased performance.. Supernova Silver has a thermal conductivity of 0.. Supernova Silver use a two stage expansion process and the beads are cured overnight.. Quality assessments are constantly being carried out to ensure the high quality of the bead is always maintained..

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  • Title: Attic Insulation | Attic Insulation Ireland | Loft Insulation | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: insulation is created from naturally occurring volcanic diabase rock with the ore smelted and spun into fibres to create a wide range of insulation materials, ranging from loft insulation rolls to impact-resistant roofing boards.. It is also bonded to produce high performance panels.. Rockwool provides a four-in-one insulation solution, providing high grade thermal insulation, noise insulation, non-combustible and strong environmental credentials.. This year alone, the insulation products produced by Rockwool will save more than 200 million tonnes of CO2.. Rockwool insulation is also completely recyclable and can be re-smelted and spun into new stone wool insulation rolls and panels..

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  • Title: Mineral Wool Insulation | Wool Insulation | Attic Insulation | Loft Insulation | Warm n' Cosy Homes
    Descriptive info: mineral wool made with ECOSE® Technology offers superior handling.. It doesn t look or feel like any insulation you have ever experienced; it is softer to feel, odourless and easy to cut.. Manufactured from naturally occurring and/or recycled raw materials, and bonded using a bio-based technology free from formaldehyde, phenols, acrylics and with no  ...   quality compared to our conventional mineral wool; reduces impact on environment through lower embodied energy; reduces pollutant manufacturing emissions and workplace exposures, improving the overall sustainability of buildings in which they are incorporated; Cost competitive with our traditional mineral wool; and delivers all the benefits you are used to from our traditional mineral wool..

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