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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Parents.. Providers.. Childminders.. About us.. Publication.. Contact us.. Welcome to Wexford County Childcare Committee.. If you are a childcare provider, childminder, parent, student or thinking of setting up a childcare/childminding service, we hope you find the information you are looking for here.. However, if you don?t and wish to receive further details,.. please e mail your query to.. This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.. or.. Telephone us on.. 053 9237156.. call into our office at.. 7 Castle Hill,..  ...   childminding.. childreninhospital.. communityinsight.. co.. uk.. dad.. downsyndrome.. education.. employmentrights.. fas.. fetac.. gov.. hse.. imba.. Irish Multiple Births Association.. inclusionireland.. National Association for Children with an intellectual disability.. ippa.. littlesteps.. eu.. mabs.. montessorireland.. myspecialneeds.. ncna.. oecd.. org.. Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development.. omcya.. Read more.. ECCE PROGRAMME GUIDE.. ECCE Update June.. CETS LIST.. Men in Childcare Conference.. Childminders Training.. Providers Training 2011.. Funded by the Irish Government under the National Development Plan, 2007-2013.. Wexford County Childcare Committee.. 7 Castle Hill, Enniscorthy, Co.. Wexford, Ireland.. Tel: 053 9237156 / 053 9239763..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Welcome to Wexford County Childcare Committee
    Descriptive info: [ Back ]..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Parents Introduction
    Descriptive info: Parents Introduction.. Our information centre opens Monday through to Friday and we provide relevant information on numerous topics and publications.. The service is.. free.. so whether you require a list of Childcare Services.. (Playschools, Montessori etc),.. Information on Childminders in the home, or training just drop in or phone.. Our friendly staff will be more than willing to help you with your query.. To see our  ...   Literacy Click on Link Below.. cowexfordvec.. Lists available from our Office.. Parent Toddler.. School Age Childcare.. HSE Notified Childminders.. Check our ECCE page to find out when.. your child can avail of the FREE pre-school year.. Outside office hours, please leave your request and contact details on our answering service and we will contact you the next working day.. Tel: 053 92 37156 or Email:.. Prev..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Childcare Providers
    Descriptive info: Childcare Providers.. What is a childcare Provider?.. A Childcare Provider is someone who offers a childcare service to families over a designated period of time each day.. This service is usually carried out in a centre or room purposely and solely used for the childcare education service.. A childcare provider will implement a daily curriculum in their work with the children.. Types of curriculum that may be in use are; Montessori, Play, High Scope, Steiner/Waldorf and Naoinrai.. What type of Childcare service may a Provider choose to offer?.. 1.. Full day care.. : the pre-school service is offered to pre-school children for more than 5 hours per day.. 2.. Part-time day care.. : the pre-school service is offered to pre-school children for a total of more than 3.. 5 hours and less than 5 hours per day.. *Both Full day and Part-time day care services may also include a.. sessional pre-school service for children not availing of the full day care service.. 3.. Sessional Service.. : the pre-school service is  ...   school begins, in the afternoon ?after-school? or/and school holidays.. *A pre-school child is a child aged between 0-6 years.. or a child who is not yet attending National School.. For information on setting up a Childcare Service.. click here.. Type of curriculum being offered in these services may include:.. Playgroup.. : this type of service will follow a play based curriculum, whereby the emphasis of learning will be based on Play activities.. Montessori.. : these services will follow a curriculum based on the findings of Maria Montessori.. Didactic materials are used in the process of learning in a planned environment.. High Scope.. : Plan ? do ? review is central to the high scope curriculum with an emphasis on learning to problem solve and sharing/listening to others.. Naionrai.. : similar to the playgroup curriculum but incorporates the irish language into the daily plan.. Steiner/Waldorf.. : the aim of Steiner/Waldorf curriculum is to educate the whole child, "head, heart and hands".. The curriculum balances academic subjects with artistic and practical activities.. Next..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Childminding Introduction
    Descriptive info: Childminding Introduction.. What is a Childminder?.. A ?Childminder? is a person who provides a childminding service as defined in the.. Child Care (Pre-School Services) (No.. 2) Regulations 2006.. This service refers to pre-school children looked after in the Childminders home.. This service is offered for the full working day or for different periods during the day.. Under the.. a Childminder can care for up to five pre-school children at any one time (this number is inclusive of the Childminders own pre-school children).. Any Childminder caring for more than three pre-school children at any one time must.. notify.. their local HSE of their service.. For more information on Voluntary  ...   Childminder Co-ordinator to support and advise new end existing childminders.. The Childminder Co-ordinator will assist Childminders with set up, grant applications and networking.. The Childminder Co-ordinator also disseminates up to date childminding information, provides relevant training and carries out advisory visits to potential Childminders hoping to set up their own service.. I?m a parent ? how can the Childminder Co-ordinator help me?.. The Childminder Co-ordinator assists parents with choosing a childminding service and can advise parents on questions to ask in order to receive the best care for their child.. If you are Childminder/potential Childminder or a parent seeking information on Childminding you can contact Patricia or Eithne..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - About us introduction
    Descriptive info: About us introduction.. Wexford County Childcare Committee is one of 33 City and County Childcare Committees set up in 2001, as part of National Childcare Policy to co-ordinate the development of childcare locally.. Wexford County Childcare Committee (WxCCC) held its first meeting in the Ferrycarrig Hotel, Wexford, in February 2001.. There are a total of fifteen members on the Board of WxCCC and the extent of local partnership involved in WxCCC?s work is clearly evidenced by the wide-ranging membership profile of the committee..  ...   formulating and achieving the company's mission.. Ensuring compliance with corporate governance requirements.. Approving annual budgets for the company and ensuring appropriate accountability for the disbursement and management of these budgets.. Providing annual and ongoing monitoring and evaluation of the activities of WxCCC.. The Board is lead by the Chairperson and meets every six weeks.. Sub Committee meetings are held every six weeks, either immediately prior or following the Board meeting.. For more information on the structure of WxCCC:.. click here for Organisational Structure..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Publications
    Descriptive info: Publications.. Pre School Regulations.. wexfordchildcare /Parents Guide book-2010.. pdf.. Mary O Kane Tips for Transition From Pre-School to Big School.. doc.. OMCYA ECCE Page.. Siolta Update-Sept2011_LR.. Childminders Voluntary Notification Pack.. Childminders Notification.. Forms.. Childminders Information Leaflet.. WxCCC ECCE Leaflet.. Setting up a Childcare Service.. CETS Information Leaflet 2011.. jpg.. Wexford CCC Newsletters.. Spring Newsletter Feb 2010.. June 2010.. Christmas Newsletter 2010.. Spring Newsletter 2011.. September 2011 Newsletter..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Contact Us.. AA Directions.. Click here.. Address:.. 7 Castle Hill.. Enniscorthy.. Ireland.. E-Mail:.. Telephone:.. 053 9237156 / 053 9239763.. Fax:.. 053 9239540.. To send us an e-mail This e-mail address is being protected from spam bots, you need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Our opening hours are:.. Monday 9am to 5pm.. Tuesday 9am to 5pm.. Wednesday 9am to 5pm.. Thursday 9am to 5pm.. Friday 9am to 4pm.. Lunch 1pm to 2pm..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - Welcome to the Wexford County Childcare Committee website
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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - ECCE PROGRAMME GUIDE
    Descriptive info: ECCE PROGRAMME GUIDE 2011.. Please note the 'ECCE Programme Guide to the Programme and the Administrative Procedures for Service Providers and Parents' can be accessed on the Department of Children and Youth Affairs (DCYA)website at.. dcya.. under Childcare and Free Pre-school year in Early Childhood Care and Education (ECCE) Scheme..

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  • Title: Wexford Childcare - ECCE Update June
    Descriptive info: ECCE Update June.. ECCE Update June 2011.. Please note the following update in relation to the ECCE scheme for your attention, which was issued from the Department of Children and Youth Affairs:.. Deadline for Exemptions.. Please note that any parent who may need an exemption for a child born.. before.. 2/2/07, for.. entry to the ECCE scheme in September2011, either on the grounds of Special Needs (2 yr.. pro-rata or 1 yr overage), or on School Policy grounds (where the child is overage.. as it is.. the enrolment policy of the local primary school).. and who has not already applied must do.. so.. before the 1 July 2011 deadline.. Applications must be made in writing and should include:.. ?.. Name and address of the child and his/her date of birth.. Name, address and Reference number of the preschool service the child will attend from September 2011.. In relation to children with special needs whether the parent wishes to operate  ...   Accompanying evidence e.. letter from school outlining their policy, letter from treating consultant.. Copy of childs birth cert and PPS number might also be beneficial to send.. Applications should then be forwarded to:.. Childcare Directorate.. Department of Children and Youth Affairs.. Hawkins House.. Hawkins Street.. Dublin 2.. Pre School Calendars.. Please note there was an error on the bottom of the preschool calendars, from September 2011.. completed transfer forms (where required) should be received.. 4 weeks.. before the beginning of the following term and not 6 weeks as previously indicated.. Fee Policies.. Where voluntary donations are requested by a provider - a mechanism must be provided for this to be made anonymously, e.. the provider must supply its bank account details and the amount requested to all parents in the service.. As always if you have any questions about the information above.. ,.. or any aspect of the scheme please do not hesitate to contact Eithne or Jillian on 053-9237156..

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  • Archived pages: 190