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  • Title: waider dot i e
    Descriptive info: .. waider.. dot i e.. livejournal.. pix.. workshop.. text.. lyrics.. Reading.. Overcoming Peace of Mind: Essays and Errata: Brett Palomar: 9781452867755: Amazon.. com.. Once Upon a Hide: Pat Ingoldsby: Amazon.. Chickenhawk: Robert Mason: Amazon.. com: Kindle Store.. Watching.. Chronicle (2012).. Snapping.. Web.. Here.. Being The Geekly Diary of Waider.. (may contain traces of drinking, movies, and sport).. October 12.. I liked the idea behind.. Chronicle.. , but I'm not really a fan of the home video style of film making, so that kind of dimished this movie for me.. If you're ok with that sort of thing, though, this is a pretty good watch.. October 07.. Morning crankiness: why am I in receipt of physical phone books, and more to the point, why can't I opt out of receiving them?.. Hmm.. I missed this:.. Workgroup Manager.. This may be the user management tool I was looking for during previous crankiness.. Looking at setting up SPF records for myself also due to recent mishaps.. October 06.. Watched about half an hour of.. The Rocker.. before it degraded from mildly amusing to unwatchable dreck , after which we switched to.. Farewell, My Lovely.. which proved to be a much better choice.. Nicely done, and from recollection a pretty straightforward lift from the Chandler story.. October 04.. Right, server access restored.. September 30.. Continued broken: wifi sync appears to be failing intermittently, my laptop is having trouble holding open a remote desktop connection to the Mac Mini, webserver still can't be logged into due to busted ssh (if we were less diligent about keeping it patched, we might have a back door to exploit.. )..  ...   hasn't happened so far and the laptop's just sitting here waiting for me to tidy up.. September 24.. So last week I discovered that the server that handles my email wound up on a blacklist for reasons that are unclear.. I had a brief look over the weekend and then noticed that it was no longer blacklisted, possibly because it auto-expired or possibly because someone clicked things.. Then I started getting email about a PHP process that wouldn't start due to a missing shared library, and now the ssh server isn't letting anyone in (which means, incidentally, that if you can read this either the problem has been solved or I've moved servers).. Oh, and my ISP appears to have decided that today's a good day to refuse outbound email that doesn't come with a.. From:.. header for their own customer email domain.. t.. Oh, and it's raining.. September 23.. A bunch of logfile analysis leads me to conclude that a whole bunch of popular email software (exim, dovecot, mailman to name but three) whines a lot about things that don't really matter.. Attempting to install some updates on Mrs.. Waider's computer, and it tells me it's successfully installed them even though it hasn't, and the "Fix It" tool won't actually run.. Quite awesome user experience, this.. September 18.. Got a sizeable chunk of Finance::Bank::IE refactoring sorted out, after a couple of days of missing a very obvious failure to check a return code.. Some would say it serves me right for coding in.. Perl.. Now I need to figure out why my.. git push.. isn't working.. the diary proper.. /.. RSS feed..

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  • Title: Party Photos
    Descriptive info: Par-TAY.. Here you'll find a random assortment of party photographs.. And not-party photos, because I thought this out poorly.. Eventually I might do something about the crazy Flickr-like idea I have for organising these a little better.. New Year Parties:.. (Including the ones I didn't take photos at.. On my photos page.. I blame my nerd collect-the-whole-set instincts.. 1999.. (House party).. 2000.. (Messrs.. 2001.. 2002.. 2003.. (no photos).. 2004.. (Forty Foot/The Queens).. 2005.. (Ballina).. (only two pix, and they're from a phone).. 2006.. 2007.. (Tante Zoes, house party).. (some cleanup required!).. 2008.. (The Queens).. No photos!.. Other stuff.. 1995.. HOTT.. BOB.. , a.. talk.. bizarre.. production in New Mexico.. The Second DSP Gathering.. (FXB's, Monkstown).. Post-Millennial partying.. , House party).. JC's Birthday, 2000.. , House party in Tempelogue).. Scope Communications celebrating the Jobfinder sale.. (Break for the Border, some place on Leeson Street).. Gemma's Birthday, 2000.. Alan and Megan's Wedding.. (Setanta House, Celbridge).. Stepstone Christmas, 2000.. (The Chameleon, Temple Bar).. JC quits Software Paths.. Diarmuid's Birthday, 2001..  ...   Christmas Party 2001.. (.. Brook Lodge Hotel.. , Aughrim, Co.. Wicklow).. Canoeing in Blessingtion.. , August 2002 (Blessington Lake).. Business Trip to Sweden.. , October 2002 (Stockholm).. Christmas 2002.. (Ardsallagh).. Donal and Shar get married, February 2003.. (Lawlor's Hotel, Dungarvan, An Carn, Ring, and a nice restaurant somewhere on the outskirts of Dungarvan.. Paddy's Weekend, March 2003.. (Guinness Brewery, Oliver St.. John Gogarty's, and Messrs.. Maguire.. Stella's Barbeque, June 2003.. (Stella's place in Donnycarney).. Salthill Airshow, July 2003.. (Salthill, Galway).. BPC's Stag Party, July 2003.. (Bath).. BPC Lisa's Wedding, July 2003.. (Bath Farnham).. A night out on the town.. , December 2003.. , Q Bar, Viper Room).. Ballina Street Festival.. , July 2004 (Ballina).. Pete and Annette's wedding.. , February 2005 (the wilds of Clare).. doolin.. com's Last Supper.. , June 2005.. , July 2005 (Ballina).. Trip to Seattle.. , June 2006.. Louise's Birthday Drinks.. , August 2006 (Lotts, Pravda).. My vacation in Iceland.. , September/October 2006.. JC Anita's Wedding.. , February 2007 (Switzerland, various parts of).. Waider..

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  • Title: The Workshop
    Descriptive info: The Workshop.. Welcome to the workshop.. You've seen all those websites with annoying little logos about how they're under construction? That's not construction.. That's laziness.. This.. is construction.. If you read my.. hacker's diary.. , you'll notice I tend to work on a lot of random stuff that doesn't ever see the light of day, usually because I get distracted by some new bright shiny object, or I hit  ...   my entire.. ~/src.. directory here, but there's an amount of NDA stuff and the like therein.. You may find some useful code here; you may find some amusing comments, too.. Take what you like and give credit if you see fit.. You can give me geek points on.. Affero.. , even!.. C hackery.. Lisp hackery.. Perl hackery.. Shell Scripts.. Take it from the top.. Waider.. Ugh.. Did I write that?..

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  • Title: Hairballs
    Descriptive info: This is all just SO.. derivative.. ranting (and stuff).. Where's the beef?.. Corel Linux.. , or 1998: The Year Linux Takes The Desktop!.. Raaar.. , or.. You can't leave that Lion there!".. iCapitulated.. , or Another Apple Toy.. Interconnectedness.. , or Six Degrees of Separation.. Switch.. , or My New Computer.. Web EUW AIE.. , or I don't care if you know Javascript.. Lock hard!.. , or Adventures in Parking.. Ooooops.. , or I love the smell of coffee in the keyboard.. Superburst Reviews.. , or I'm no Lester Bangs.. Concordance.. , or Random Things At Work.. Ruby Sessions Review.. , or Taking a bee for a walk.. F1 Drinking Game.. , or Who cares what lap he's on?.. règles de film.. , or More skin on HBO!.. BOFH.. , or Log out already.. zhishi.. , or Just as well it's not tattooed on my arse.. flying 101.. , or 1500 feet and 80 knots.. hot cuisine.. , or Before I Learned To Cook.. cheers!.. , or Here's to the Gride and Broom!.. short definition.. , or Any friend of vi is a friend of mine.. forgotten war.. , or What's this cronjob doing, anyway?.. restrictive practices.. , or YOU are the criminal.. software LART.. , or investigative sysadmin work.. ring ring.. , or 21 things to do with your cellphone.. infamy.. , or you can't get away with.. anything.. in this town.. object disoriented.. , or I really don't like this language.. faulty reasoning.. , or it made sense  ...   , or why you can't navigate my apartment in the dark.. college constructions.. , or alternatives to study #1.. broken BSD box.. , or security for dummies.. crunch.. , or why I don't play much sport.. presto!.. , or the evolution of unreadable lisp.. freedom!.. , or software meets agriculture.. click here to crash.. , or a more appropriate look for Win32.. regexp.. , or my favourite Perl hack.. pick me.. , or succumbing to temptation.. parse error.. , or I wrote it that way.. deliberately.. a world of hurt.. , or an afternoon with Bob.. insanely silly.. , or you'll find it on the web.. elacks.. , or why I know some lisp.. holidays.. Ireland.. Nice place to live, but the weather needs debugging.. Iceland '06.. , or A Drinking Holiday.. Seattle '06.. , or A Working Holiday.. Morecambe '04.. , or It's Grim Up North.. Europe '02.. , or Waider On Tour.. Québec '01.. , or meeting Bonhomme.. San Francisco '00.. , or a tour from San Jose to Eureka.. Honduras '99.. , or an exercise in not planning.. Japan '98, or after four years, you're only staying a week?!.. Central America '97/'98, or the hard way to learn Spanish.. Boston '97, or a simple way to have a REAL holiday.. Boston '96, or Paddy's Day in the 33rd County.. America '95.. , or 6,000 miles for a weekend party.. Dublin '94.. , or avoiding Gaelcon.. Accept that some days you're the pigeon,.. and some days you're the statue..

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  • Title: Lyrics
    Descriptive info: Some Words To Put To Music.. I've been writing lyrics for a long, long time.. A lot of it's dross, some of it is frankly embarassing, but here are a few that I'm at least willing to share.. Non-joke Stuff.. Everything.. Strong Enough (Alt.. Lyrics).. Barfly.. Sorry Excuse.. Any Other Girl.. Joke Stuff.. Deep Fat Fryer.. GDB!.. (the FSF linked to this.. Jim's Organic.. Not if you were the last comp'ny.. Back to.. music.. | Take it from the.. top..

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  • Title: Which part of ([a-z]\s+[0-9][0-9]|[a-z][a-z]) didn't you understand?
    Descriptive info: Which part of ([a-z]\s+[0-9][0-9]|[a-z][a-z]) didn't you understand?.. So one day,.. Joe.. came to me and said, Waider, someone got mail about posting X to alt.. random.. newsgroup, and he says he didn't post it.. The post definitely came from here.. Any chance you could find out who forged the post?.. Sure, I'll give it a go.. So I looked at the message and checked when it was posted, and figured, okay, all I need to do is see what machine was using the news gateway at that time.. See, back then we ran the.. TIS.. firewall.. toolkit to allow assorted net access.. It's a pretty decent kit, but it logs stuff like this:.. May 8 16:27:55  ...   hosts to different directions.. So I thought:.. A little perl should fix this.. Uh-huh.. It did.. The part that does most of the exciting stuff looks like this:.. if (/^(\w+\s+[0-9]+\s+[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9]:[0-9][0-9])\s+\w+\s+(plug|tn|ftp)-gw\[([0-9]+)\]: ((dis)?(connect|exit))(ed)? host=([^\/]+)\/([0-9.. ]+)( dest[^=]*=([^\s]+))?/) {.. which matches all the lines I wanted to know about, and made Joe's head explode as a side effect.. No, I didn't come up with it off the top of my head, nor can I recall how long it took to.. evolve.. But hey.. It does the job, as I expected it would.. Oh yeah.. We found out whose machine had done the posting, but we couldn't pin down who had been using it at the time.. So much for logging..

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  • Title:
    Descriptive info: Demented balloon animal attacks head.. I win the Camera Showdown.. despite drinking budweiser, we're happy!.. Giant Hug.. Emer rescues Sheena from another balloon.. Emer boogies, Waider drinks.. I look daft in this hat, don't I?.. Glenn, no more hat.. Group Hug!.. Panned out.. panned out, #2..  ...   Welcome to my kingdom!.. Waider, giving it loads.. Seamus, up close and personal.. Caught! The man with the balloons.. Party hat.. Budweiser.. Shame!.. Still dancin'.. Sinead & Emer.. Still panned out.. Sinead with Balloon Hat.. Must be a Happy New Year moment.. Whoops.. Too much party..

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  • Title: Y2K Party in Messrs.
    Descriptive info: Celebrating Y2K in.. Messrs..

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  • Title: New Year 2001
    Descriptive info: Not quite the same drunken debauchery as.. last year.. I left early, having run out of fun , and couldn't quite recall whether I'd had a really good time or not.. And then I looked at the photos.. Conor sporting a fancy new hair accessory.. Still Life With Ashtray.. Grr! Camera!.. Pint's-eye view.. Happy Couple!.. Joe prays for more beer.. Waider, about to burst.. Joe phones for more beer!.. Pat loses  ...   some sort of gymnastics.. Pat tries the hair accessory thing.. Diarmuid having a good sconce.. Twist Shout?.. Hmm, okay.. So I.. did.. have fun.. Does that girl have to be in EVERY photo?.. Megan and JoeV.. BE FREE!.. This was NOT done by an engineer.. although several contributed.. some merely with their evil gaze.. "If that's on, I'm going to kill you.. ".. JoeV and friend.. The Gang, New Year 2001..

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  • Title: New Year 2002
    Descriptive info: Again with the partying at.. , although this is the quietest I've seen it in the last couple of years.. Our prime activity for the night was to make a Red Bull bottle float.. We made a big bunch of balloons.. No, a BIG bunch.. Then the engineering started.. More balloons were required.. Am I holding the bottle UP  ...   didn't quite make it fly.. We did get close, though.. We also tried to do silly things with it.. Mostly in defiance of gravity.. Here's our buoyancy system again.. Evidently, I'm not the subject of this photo.. You talkin' to me?.. I suspect Ralph took this himself.. About to leave.. Again, I am not the subject of this photo..

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  • Title: New Year 2004
    Descriptive info: Quiet night in Dun Laoghaire and Dalkey..

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