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  • Title: No 1 Wall Stickers online shop | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: .. news/main.. Gallery.. free samples.. how to apply?.. shipment.. FAQ.. about us/blog.. Menu: main catalogue.. show all stickers ».. Wall Stickers are the most original way to update the look of a room.. with minimal effort and cost.. They are perfect for decorating living rooms,.. children’s bedrooms and, as they are made with highly durable self-adhesive foil,.. are even suitable for bathrooms and kitchens.. No expertise required!.. Anybody can do it!.. The application process takes only 10 to 15 minutes.. and the result is much more effective than a paint stencil.. Removal is just as simple, allowing you to change your Wall Stickers as often as you like!.. Like it..  ...   below:.. Would you love a SINGER sewing machine, sensational tableware or an English fireplace?.. They can all be yours.. Check out our new collection of antique designs and give your room a Victorian vibe or Art Deco design.. Humming Birds, 26.. Live-Laugh-Love Qout, 17.. Happiness Quote, 26.. Marilyn Monroe Quote, 40.. Colorful Birds, 21.. Girl on a Swing, 17.. Quick search:.. search.. Your cart:.. 0.. Gallery: Examples.. Still unsure how to best to use Wall Stickers in your home? For inspirational ideas, check out our gallery.. Simply click on the images below.. W3C.. xHTML 1.. 0.. CSS 2.. 1.. Studio Gamma.. |.. Terms Conditions.. | All rights reserved © 2012.. Facebook..

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  • Title: No 1 Wall Stickers online shop | wallstickers
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  • Title: Gallery | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: Find Your style!.. Here at.. wallstickers.. ie.. , you’ll find over 880 sticker designs in a variety of sizes, allowing you to find one to suit your individual taste and needs.. Still no ideas? Take a look at the images below for inspiration.. Simply click on the thumbnail to enlarge.. Have fun!.. Live-Laugh-Love Qout.. show sticker.. Happiness is a Long.. Girl on a swing.. Crab.. Girl with headphones.. deer head.. Gas Station.. Butterflies and flowers.. spiral-stairs.. Quote Coco Chanel 1.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12..

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  • Title: free samples | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: To obtain that option please e-mail us at.. sample@wallstickers.. and specify which colour samples you wish to receive from the list bellow:..

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  • Title: how to apply? | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: It’s really easy.. It takes about 10 minutes to apply a meter tall wall sticker and almost anyone can do it.. How?.. Read and see our how to apply presentation..

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  • Title: shipment | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: Your ordered Wall Stickers will be produced and sent within 5 working days once we receive the payment.. We strongly recommended to order some free colour samples if you are not to sure how it is going to match your walls.. There are our flat fees for Packaging Postage no matter how small or big your order would be.. Ireland An Post (Registered) was.. € 12..  ...   Post (Registered) was.. 00.. US and other An Post (Registered) was €.. 23.. Funny Crab and Quotation, 17.. Girl with headphones, 25.. quote winnie the pooh, 41.. Quote Coco Chanel, 25.. Tree 13, 18.. Madame in Flowers, 35.. Home Sweet Home, 19.. Quote La VIE EN Rose Two color, 22.. Relax Custom, 48.. rectangular-panel, 41.. Quote Audrey Hepburn 2, 45.. 3D Sign LOVE Color RED, 19..

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  • Title: FAQ | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: What are wall stickers made from?.. Our Wall Stickers are made from a resistant, self-adhesive matt vinyl foil.. How long will my Wall Sticker last?.. The foil manufacturer guarantees five years, however, indoors (without exposure to rain and sun), they should last longer.. Can I remove wall stickers without damaging my wall or paintwork?.. Yes, depending on how strong the paint underneath the sticker is.. Usually there is no damage, even after a few years.. Can I wash Wall Stickers and if so, how?.. Yes, Wall Stickers can be wiped with a damp cloth.. Are Wall Stickers better than paint stencils?.. Yes, they are!.. They are quicker to apply.. Depending on the size of the sticker, application takes 10-30 minutes.. Applying Wall Stickers is easy and everyone can do it.. There is nothing to split and you don’t have to worry about applying the correct side of the sticker: The transparent foil ensures they’re always ‘right-side-up’.. See: how to apply.. They look better and, because they are made from matte foil, can be cleaned  ...   delivered in a strong, resilient tube container.. To date, no cases of damaged tubes have been reported.. How long will delivery of my Wall Sticker take?.. You should receive your order within 10 days of payment.. Unfortunately, we cannot take responsibility for postal/courier delay.. What factors determine the price of Wall Stickers?.. Two factors affect the price of Wall Stickers: Size and level of detail.. Stickers of the same size are usually similarly priced, however, may vary depending on how complicated the design is.. Are the sizes listed on the website the only ones available?.. No, you can request smaller or larger sizes.. Those listed are suited to the design and easy to transport, however, if you require a different size, we should be able to provide it.. Please let us know your requirements via email.. If I order more than one Wall Sticker will they be sent together?.. Yes, just make sure to contact us via email to confirm.. Do you design for letters and shop windows?.. Yes, but we don’t provide installation..

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  • Title: about us/blog | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: Welcome to our site!.. WallStickers.. ie is a retail brand of Studio Gamma Partnership.. Registered in Ireland: No.. 369708.. Registered Office: 1 Bianconi Drive Clonmel, Co Tipperary, Ireland.. Ph 00353 868375096.. e-mail sales@wallstickers.. The idea of.. was born when we realized that professional and affordable Wall Stickers were not readily available in Ireland or the U.. K.. Our search to find a team of enormously talented graphic designers took us far and wide.. Once assembled, the team then set about creating the unique Wall Sticker designs on our site, of which we’re all extremely proud.. With its assortment of inspirational ideas for adding style and glamour to your home or office, we hope you enjoy browsing our website and come back soon for more!.. Kind Regards;.. The WallStickers.. ie Team.. It's a house full of animals!.. 2012-04-29.. F.. ollowing yesterday's announcement about our Poster give-away (more details on our facebook page:.. Rewards for a favour.. ) I have looked through some photo galleries and found a few pictures that one of our customers sent to us the other day.. I thought it would be a great example of a "favour" that we are looking for, our dear fiends, in order to be included in weekly POSTER draw! very simple task.. S.. o, as title may suggest, the author of the following photography has populated his household with animals.. his choices include a bunch of green penguins and one, but very cute and  ...   if you like something else we have got over 880 designs to choose from.. Have fun browsing our website.. Click on the pictures to see the sticker.. Customer feedback.. 2011-01-26.. You can always check our blog for new inspirations and see what you can do with wall stickers.. These pictures were sent to us by our customer from UK.. Well done guys it looks great.. Click on the pictures above to see the stickers.. 2010-07-15.. Very often we’re getting feedback from our customers and we really appreciate that.. Some of them are just comments but sometimes you attach photos and this is very nice.. We really like the ideas how our wall stickers are being used.. These photos were sent to us by our customers from Co.. Tipperary, Ireland.. We are loving the idea!.. Thank you and well done!.. Media about us.. 2010-03-09.. Recently, Ireland’s best selling magazine on interior design, “house and home”, published the “Irish hot 100” list and we feel very lucky to earn a spot among all the great companies.. That’s a real honour to us….. We are thrilled to see the progress of our company that first started in the attic from dreams of only two people (Erick Rosenfeld and Robert Kierszta).. Its extremely rewarding to witness growing progress despite difficult economic times.. Despite the exaggerated number of employees we are ecstatic about the result! It may be hard to believe but there is only 3 of us!..

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  • Title: FOR KIDS | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: FOR KIDS.. Positive stickers for your child: No violence, no aggression, and no negative messages! Check out our kids’ kits! Not only do they look good but they can also be used as educational tools, helping your child to learn the names of animals, vehicles, plants and more!.. Newest stickers.. /.. Alphabetically.. Most popular.. Cupid, 28.. Angel, 28.. Pointer dog, 27.. Pointer dog, 23.. Dog, 25.. Baset Dog, 19.. Little piggy, 21.. Mouse heart, 21.. Comics Bam, 21.. Comics wow 2, 19.. Comics Wow, 19.. Comics Vrooaaa color, 19.. Tree 11, 29..

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  • Title: ANIMALS | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: ANIMALS.. Discover your wild side! Take your pick from our large selection of animals, from fish to flamingos!.. Deer Head, 28.. Animals set 2, 19.. Animals set 1, 19.. animals two colour 1, 14.. 9.. animals two colour, 14.. Birds, 27.. Tiger 1, 36.. Elephant, 35.. Bird cage with cat, 80.. Bird cage 5, 41..

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  • Title: FLORAL | wallstickers
    Descriptive info: FLORAL.. Our most popular motifs! In this section, you will find the grandest trees, prettiest flowers, daintiest twigs and most exotic shrubs.. Bouquet of wild flowers, 27.. Butterflies and flowers, 28.. Geometric flowers 4, 26.. Geometric flowers 3, 27.. Tree 10 two color, 33.. Flowers 1, 36.. Flower corner, 35.. Flower Ornament 2, 27.. Flower Ornament, 36.. Tree geometric, 42.. Flower corner 1, 25.. Geometric flowers 6, 37.. Bush, 51.. Field grass, 35.. Wheat Grass, 37..

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    Archived pages: 438