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  • Title: Waddock Composting | Organic Recycling For The Future
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Products.. Services.. New Facility.. About.. FAQ.. Contact Us.. Location.. Using Waddock’s Compost Gets Results! Improve plant establishment and growth with Waddock’s special medium-grade compost for agricultural, horticultural and landscaping applications.. read more.. We accept many organic material.. Garden and landscape trimmings, by products from brewing and distillation, e.. g.. , spent grain, kieselgur, yeast extracts Food: catering waste, industrial food processing residuals & former foodstuffs.. In response to increasing demand, the facility was recently expanded to accommodate up to 25,000 tonnes per year, helping Ireland meet its biodegradable waste diversion targets under EU legislation.. The upgrades include a new state-of-the-art tipping building and mixing area, six new purpose-built sealed composting tunnels, upgraded process control, ventilation and odour  ...   Organic Recycling For The Future.. Operating since 2005, Waddock Composting Facility, Ltd.. is a permitted and ABP approved composting facility utilising in-vessel batch tunnel technology to produce high-quality compost for agricultural, horticultural, landscaping and gardening markets.. Save Money by Composting Your Green Waste!.. Landscapers can take advantage of lower disposal costs by using Waddock Composting Facility instead of the landfill or civic amenity site to recycle their green waste.. Our facility accepts all types of clean garden and landscape materials, including:.. The upgrades include a new state-of-the-art tipping building and mixing area, six new purpose-built sealed composting tunnels, upgraded process control, ventilation and odour control systems, and addition of fire retention tanks.. 2011 Waddock Composting Facility Ltd.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Products | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: Using Waddock’s Compost Gets Results!.. Improve plant establishment and growth with Waddock’s special medium-grade compost for agricultural, horticultural and landscaping applications.. Farmers and landscapers can arrange to pick up our high-quality compost from our facility loose in bulk quantities or supplied in half tonne bags.. Call for prices and to reserve your order today.. Compost enhances soil structure and quality which in turns stimulates healthy plant growth.. The specific benefits of  ...   increase yields and suppress disease;.. Supplies valuable organic matter that improves soil structure, porosity and bulk density creating a better environment for plant roots;.. Improves drainage and moisture penetration in heavy soils;.. Increases soil moisture and nutrient-holding capacity in light or sandy soils;.. Prevents soil compaction and erosion;.. Buffers soil acidity and increases cation exchange capacity for improved nutrient availability;.. Increases crop yields in soils low in organic matter, nutrients and structure..

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  • Title: Services | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: Garden and landscape trimmings.. By products from brewing and distillation, e.. , spent grain, kieselgur, yeast extracts.. Biowaste from brown bin collection schemes: residential and commercial.. Sludges from waste water treatment plants: municipal and industrial.. No contaminants allowed so please keep loads clean.. No plastic, glass or metal.. For inquires about materials not listed above, please contact us, details are on our.. contact page..

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  • Title: New Facility | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: complete with rainwater harvesting.. It was a 100% Irish job utilising the following companies: Kehoe Architects, BFP Consulting Engineers, Composting Recycling Consultants Ireland, Billy Purcell Plant Hire, Edwards Engineering, and Redwood Systems.. Centrally located in County Carlow, the facility is only five minutes off of the new M9 motorway from Exit 4 for Castledermot making it easily accessible from the Midlands, Leinster and parts of Munster.. For further information about acceptable feedstocks and processing capabilities, Phone 059 9163596..

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  • Title: About | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: In 2010, the facility was expanded to increase capacity and improve environmental management systems, especially in relation to odour control.. The facility utilises a state-of-the-art process control system that allows the operators to fully manage the composting process and track batches through the facility for traceability purposes.. Operating Hours:.. 8am to 6pm Monday – Friday.. 8am to 3pm Saturday.. Closed Sundays and bank holidays.. Capacity:.. up to 25,000 tonnes per year..

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  • Title: FAQ | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: What Exactly is Meant by Compost?.. Compost is made from a range of biodegradable (organic) materials, such as grass cuttings, leaves, hedge cuttings and brown bin material that have been broken down and recycled naturally.. How is Compost Made?.. Recycled garden materials, brown bin materials and other biodegradable materials are composted at our site to produce a well decomposed soil-like product that is a good source of nutrients and organic matter.. The composting process involves a period of rapid decomposition and high temperatures which sanitises the material followed by a cooler period in which the compost is matured.. When the process is complete, the compost can be graded for different uses such as much, turf top dressing etc.. What Kind of Landscape Applications can.. Compost be Used for?.. Compost is an extremely versatile product that can improve the physical, chemical and biological characteristics of the soil.. It has a variety of uses in a wide range of landscape activities, and selections of different grades are available depending on its intended purpose.. For example, coarse, woody composts are needed for mulches,where as a finely screened compost would be used on turf to allow the particles to disperse easily.. Compost can be used in a wide range of applications such as:.. - Top dressing of grass.. - Garden bed establishment.. - Manufactured topsoil.. - Tree and shrub planting.. - Mulching.. - Turf establishment, renovation and maintenance.. Compost production rates are growing at a great pace in Ireland and Northern Ireland, meaning higher volumes of quality compost are now becoming available to the landscape industry at prices that are on par with existing alternatives.. In addition, it is becoming more difficult to locate cost-effective, high quality natural topsoils so compost is increasingly being used to create excellent manufactured equivalents.. In both Europe and North America, the growth of the composting industry has been a boost to landscaping, providing it with products that are effective and economical.. How can I be Sure Compost is of a Sufficiently High Standard for my Purpose?.. In Ireland, all composting sites, as part of their waste permit/waste licences, test compost to ensure it meets a compost quality standard and is fit for use.. A National Standard for Compost was recently published (I.. S.. 441).. A voluntary compost quality assurance scheme is being developed to provide independent certification to the National Compost Standard.. In Northern Ireland, for compost produced from source-segregated input material, there is a compost quality protocol alongside the composting specification PAS100:2010.. When manufactured to conform to the quality protocol the material  ...   improves aeration of heavy clayey soils.. Enhanced Erosion and Weed Control.. Compost binds soil and can provide an excellent defence against wind and rain erosion especially on light soils.. Compost mulches also offer an inexpensive, environmentally safe means of weed control.. This then reduces the need for chemical herbicides, which can be expensive and damaging to the environment.. Contains Valuable Micro-organisms.. These micro-organisms have three key benefits.. They help to release the nutrients held in organic matter, they improve the structure of the soil, and in some instances they may suppress soil borne pathogens- avoiding the need to use chemical methods of control.. All these benefits can lead to healthier plants, faster establishments and fewer plant losses, ultimately giving savings in time and money.. Isn’t Compost Expensive?.. The use of compost can actually save money on a project.. For example:.. - Reduced need for fertilisers as compost provides many key nutrients; additional fertilisers may not be required, except in the case of fast growing plants might need additional nitrogen.. - Irrigation costs can be reduced compost allows soil to better retain water, meaning less frequent watering is needed.. - Plants grown in compost are more likely to survive saving money in terms of product and necessary labour involved in replanting.. - On sites where there is no natural topsoil, manufacturing soils on site using compost can save money on transport and raw materials.. These cost-saving benefits are not just important in the short term.. By using compost to improve overall soil health, sustainable landscapes are being created which will require fewer inputs in the long term.. For example fewer chemical additions in terms of fertilisers or herbicides, and less watering.. Ongoing improved soil health will allow future generations to benefit from the advantages compost can bring to landscapes without requiring a high level of maintenance.. Where Might the Use of Compost be Particularly.. Important?.. Compost can be beneficial in most kinds of landscape applications, but it may be particularly useful on brownfield or urban regeneration sites, where the soil quality has suffered from previous use.. For example, on brownfield sites the soil’s organic matter content may often be less than 2%.. Here, compost can improve and enrich soils which have been left in a poor condition.. Manufacturing of replacement soils on site using existing low quality soils can save money on disposal and the cost of buying natural topsoil.. In addition, as pressure to deliver sustainable urban environments increases, the use of quality assured compost can add real value by contributing to an environmentally sound development..

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  • Title: Contact Us | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: Waddock Composting Facility Ltd.. Killamaster,.. Carlow.. Phone: 059 9163596 | Fax: 059 9163597.. Email: info@waddockcomposting.. ie.. We would love to hear any comments or suggestions.. Please submit below.. Click here for.. Map and Directions.. Captcha:.. 9 + 10 =.. Message..

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  • Title: Location | Waddock Composting
    Descriptive info: Address:.. Killamaster, Carlow.. Directions:.. M9 Take Exit 4.. R448 to Castledermot.. Take right onto R418 towards Tullow and follow until you see the sign for County Carlow.. We are the next property on the left..

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