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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Home
    Descriptive info: .. Home.. Cost Reduction Analysis.. Job Opportunities.. Contact Us.. Your DS Limited is a cost reduction analysis solution, outsourcing service to Irish businesses which provides turnkey reductions for commercial customers.. We exist to help our people and partners achieve excellence and realise their full potential by measuring our success by performance and ability to reduce cost and build your brand.. 44%.. of business owners and senior managers believe they could reduce costs if they had more time to find and negotiate the best deals.. It takes a 10% increase in revenue to have the same impact on the bottom line as 1% decrease in operating costs.. Your Direct Savings is Ireland's newest outsourced solutions provider.. We are building our reputation on providing  ...   way.. After a brief simple consultation lasting about ten minutes, we can tell if we can save money for your business.. Our aim is to be invisible, to show you can put thousands on your bottom line.. Every decision is yours.. We are here to advise and assist.. Most businesses do not review suppliers regularly with.. 38%.. of businesses conceding that they do not regularly switch suppliers, it is easy to see how savings can be made.. Whether you are a company looking for a cost reduction solution or a motivated and passionate professional looking for a great opportunity, you will find it with us.. Let us become the driving force behind.. YOUR.. savings.. Copyright 2011-2012 YOUR DS LIMITED Company Registration 507429..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Cost Reduction Analysis
    Descriptive info: Energy Saving Tips.. Telecoms Saving Tips.. FAQs.. Your DS Limited provides cost reduction analysis in a multitude of areas with.. NO FEE.. It s our objective to offer the same level of service to all with a mission to provide you with cost effective solutions without affecting your quality of service.. Benefits.. 100% free service.. We will save you Money, Time, Labour and Resources.. Our team do the work so you can get on with managing your business.. We specialise across the following areas;.. Energy.. Communications.. Marketing.. Information Technology.. Distribution..  ...   Client decides on areas to be analysed with all relevant data collected.. 3.. We complete a detailed cost analysis and initiate a tendering process.. 4.. Savings are presented and client decides to begin implementation.. 5.. Your DS act as a single point of contact to manage and monitor migration to all new services agreed.. Confidentiality Quality.. Absolute confidence is guaranteed.. When we tender your business to third party providers we do not divulge your information.. Your DS only negotiates with established suppliers which in turn guarantee a high quality of service..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Job Opportunities
    Descriptive info: Business to Business Sales Executives.. Your DS Limited wishes to hire Business to Business Executives for the Dublin area and surrounding areas.. The successful candidate will be providing our services to SME businesses in their assigned area using cold calling and attending appointments.. Direct sales experience is seen as a big advantage but not compulsory.. You must be self-motivated, energetic, enthusiastic and driven.. Professional training on all areas will be provided to successful candidates.. (Email C.. V to.. jobs@yourds.. ie.. )..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Contact Us
    Descriptive info: Enquiry Form.. Enquiry.. *.. Name.. Phone.. E-mail.. Required fields..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Energy Saving Tips
    Descriptive info: Have Your DS perform an energy analysis.. Target the largest energy bill for energy conservation measures.. Track energy use.. Upgrade lighting to save about 50% on your lighting costs.. Turn lights off before you leave at night.. Use dimmers, motion sensors, or occupancy sensors to automatically turn off lighting when not in use to reduce use and costs.. Make sure your staff do not leave phone or laptop chargers plugged in when they aren t charging this uses a substantial amount of electricity.. Also, unplug all equipment that drains energy when not in use like fans, coffee makers, desktop printers, radios, etc.. Turn off your computer and monitors at the end of the work day, if possible.. Train your  ...   you up to 20% of electrcity.. If you have a vending machine in your office, coordinate with suppliers to turn off advertising lights.. Install a smart thermostat in your office.. While they don t come cheap, once installed, a smart thermostat will save you 10 to 30% on annual heating and cooling costs.. It does this by coordinating its operations with your office.. Keep your thermostat at a temperate level during work hours.. While your staff may not notice a 1 drop or rise in temperatures, this little change will lower your energy costs considerably.. Allow the office dress code to reflect the season.. In summer, relax the suit code and in winter encourage the use of appropriate warm clothing..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Telecoms Saving Tips
    Descriptive info: Encourage a no personal calls in office rule.. Unnecessary calls are known to distract employees and reduce their productivity.. Use the telephone bill to identify telephone abusers; some of your staff may cost you double their wage in calls.. Carry out an audit to review how landlines and mobile phones are used.. Wherever possible, give preference to email over telephonic conversation for routine communication.. It s fast, practical and free.. Switch to VoIP it offers flat rates for long distance, cuts back charges on local calls and has many other features that a regular phone service doesn t offer.. Focus on deals with integrated encryption and voice transport over IT networks without loss  ...   landline prices.. Keep a tight rein on Internet security: anti‐virus software and anti‐spam.. This is essential if you want to ensure the security of your IT equipment.. A breach can cost you dear.. Switch to Wi‐Fi instead of cabled Internet.. The system allows you to reduce costs on wiring the entire office.. Change your documentation to put the onus on people to call you.. For instance, you could ask suppliers to ring and check if you need something, say, once a day or week.. Switch to pay as you use.. Many telecom companies offer an inclusive calls package for a set monthly fee which majority of the time you are paying too much..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - FAQs
    Descriptive info: Q?.. Why would we get better deals from suppliers via Your DS Limited?.. A.. We are constantly negotiating with suppliers on behalf of our clients.. Our consultancy network pools its market knowledge and experience - collectively we place substantial business with suppliers across a multitude of areas.. The best suppliers recognise that offering a low cost high quality of service to our clients provides them with opportunities to win business which might otherwise be unavailable to them.. Q?.. How is Your DS Limited paid for its services?.. We offer a 100% free service  ...   save us money?.. After first meet with client, collection of all relevant data, current market pricing knowledge and negotiation skills, we will have a proposal for you within 48 hours.. How will our relationship be regulated?.. We will provide an non disclosure and indemnity agreement upon request.. What benefits do I get from outsourcing my cost management?.. Save Money, Time, Labour and Resouces.. What resources does Your DS require from clients?.. We require access to relevant copied documents such as invoices, bills and contracts.. These documents will be destroyed after migration is complete..

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  • Title: www.yourds.ie - Contact Us
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